Verifone sues Heartland...getting weird … customers/

Strange things going on in the Processing World!!

From the double talk we got from the Heartland rep that kept calling on me, I would think that contradictory statements are part of their business plan and training program.

IMO Heartland’s problems have all been self inflicted. Most of us, when we make mistakes, wouldn’t think of trying to blame someone else for those mistakes. My experience in this industry has taught me that business owners only want 4 things from their merchant services provider:

  1. Get me my money to me on time and the correct amount

  2. Keep my rates as low as possible

  3. When I have a problem, answer the phone and get it resolved

  4. Honesty, Honesty, Honesty!

It really isn’t all that difficult. Most business owners understand that mistakes happen, own up to them, resolve them, move on. :slight_smile:

More on the War between Heartland and Verifone. … ne_FAQ.pdf

they’re all a bunch of rip off artists as far as I’m concerned.