Video Store Cross Promotions

We opened in August and we are two doors down from a Family Video store. I am shocked at how little business we are currently getting from there. When I worked for a similar pizza shop next to a video store in Pittsburgh, we always got people renting videos to also order pizza. We never had to do any kind of promotion because the majority of people would come order from us first, go pick a move, then come back and get their pizza.

I’m wondering if any of you have done a promotion that has been successful. I have a couple ideas, but I’d be silly not to draw from the THINK TANK !

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got a movie shop next door to me as well… I was working with the partner/wife from the movie shop to stick our fliers in their DVD cases while I staple their flier to my pizza boxes… all of a sudden a week after we discussed it the other partner/husband comes in and asks if he can put their fliers in my shop, but I can’t put mine in his anymore because he made a deal with another pizza shop 2 miles away to stick THEIR flier in their cases.

I then promptly booted him out of my shop and burned their flires :twisted:

the funny thing about this is, the wife still walks over and eats at my shop on a daily basis lol :wink:

the moral of this story is… i have no idea. :slight_smile:

If you can find a suitable partner consider magnetic memoboards…You can share the ad space with a video store, liquor store, fast food outlet, etc…The bakc can also be used…And you may be able to get your softdrink supplier to co-op your ad and pay 50%…RCS…

PS…Print a sheet of coupons and package them with your memoboard…Then donate them to a local school or team to sell as a fund raiser…They do all the work of reaching people you might not normally get too…