Videos & Recipes

I am new to The Think Tank and new to the pizza business.

I have been reading through past posts on TTT and have gone thru 50 of the 269 pages. Looks like great information still to be mined.

Several posts mentioned a video series by The Dough Doc, Tom Lehmann – where are they located?

Also, several posts mentioned dough recipes - but again, I can’t find them. Can someone point me to the location.


K. Bravo’s
Mobile Wood Fired Pizza

John; The recipes/formulas are in the RECIPE BANK and to see the videos go to the top of the page and click on “VIDEO”
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I appreciate your quick reply. However, I was looking for your videos on working with dough – someone had mentioned a series you did?

Also, where/how do I find the link to the Recipe Bank?

Thanks again!


I think this is the series that you are speaking of

That is part 1. I found it on youtube. Hope this helps.

you’re stuck on the TT…go to the main page and you’ll see a link to videos and other stuff. I’m not sure what has happened to the recipe bank, though…