Vinyl Banners to Promote Specials

I’m introducing a new special for unlimited toppings on an XL pizza. We’re located on a busy intersection and I’m thinking of using a vinyl banner to promote it. My concern is to avoid looking like a Papa John’s we pride ourselves on being a high-quality gourmet pizzeria (it’s not meant as a knock on PJ, ours is just a different model with higher prices). Has anyone here used these types of banners? What was your experience? Thank you kindly in advance!

Are you referring to a window banner? It is something I have considered but never pulled the trigger on. Would be interested in the response some places get that do large window banners to promote limited time offers / specialty pizzas.

I’m talking about a large (16’ x 4’) vinyl banner that I would hang right under our store sign. We have a rather large clearance that allows us to do that. If I decide to do so, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am in an area that requires a permit for this type of advertising. Make sure you are able to do it before you invest in one.

Permits required here too. Unless of course we take it down every night and put it back up every morning. Which isn’t impossible I guess…

Permits, clean and classy… readable… don’t overload it with info…

Makes sense. Thanks!