Visit to Paul7979

Just wanted to share my experience with everyone,

went to Florida this weekend to visit family drove 60 miles to Paul’s shop in Gainesville(Gator Town) on Florida*Georgia weekend.

the shop is in a small strip center, walked in and was immediatly greeted by all 3 crew members advised who i was they were all freindly and trained very well, James was the manager he was awesome (wish i could find one like him) he answered all my questions and let me check out the store and watch them for about 30 mins

then there was Fernando this guy walked in looking like a skate boarder long hair pulled back in a ponytail, big pants (pulled up though not baggy)
i thought he was a driver but this guy stepped up to the cut table and took charge of his station he was awsome going from cut to phones to maketable he was everywhere

just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover and i won’t anymore

the intensity in the store was great everyone hustled
it gave me a new boost of energy and i wanted this crew

took home some food all was great

i suggest everyone try to visit other shops when you travel

it will give you a new perspective

thanks Paul Great crew

already miss Florida

Thanks for the kind words Dennis. I shared some of our conversation with James and Fernando and let them know how much I appreciate how well they do when I’m not there. I also told them they have a job waiting for them if they choose to move to the midwest! The only feedback that I value more than that of an industry pro is that of my customers. I will take these compliments and use them to keep me and my staff energized through a long, busy Christmas season and an expansion/renovation of my store starting in December. Thanks for stopping in, sorry I missed you.

I visted there in September of 2005.
good operation, Paul has a good system in place,
does more volume per square foot than any place I know.
Eventhough I am only 192 square feet, I’d love to do the volume he does per square foot.