Visited another TT store for lunch yesterday

My family and I had some great pizza and a nice visit with Paradox Pizza in Moab yesterday. Thanks for the Pesto Chicken Pie and the tour!

Thanks so much for coming in. I’m glad you enjoyed the pizza. It was nice to see someone who owns a pizzeria on vacation! There is hope for me in the future.

I think us “pizza people” sure are a nice community! It’s nice to get out and meet others who are doing what we’re doing and share ideas and information.

I have to agree!

I wish the TT was available when I got started but that was a long time ago when Al Gore was inventing it :mrgreen:


If you can’t get away for a vacation, at least you live in a great place where others wish they could get to for vacation! Take a day!

My husband and I are running the Other Half (half marathon) on Sunday. A great Moab event. I got someone to cover for me that night but husband has to work.