visiting Phoenix, "Think Tankers"

any “Think Tankers” there ?

I am setting up a pizzeria in Quartzsite, AZ, 130 west of Phoenix, and would like to meet some “like” mineded pizzaiolas in the Phoenix Valley.


otis im glad to say i will probally never have to go to quartzsite az again :smiley: i had a rv repair business in palm springs area and made several trips to rescue those arizona bush hippies out there i hope you make a ton of money, have a blast of a good time, carry a big gun which is legal in az. and dont let them cheap a*# water jug totin,solar panel carryin,dry campin 100.00 for six months desert dwellin rvers grind you to hard :smiley: have a blast buddy you will do great!!!

Been over 10 years since I was living in Phoenix and for the life of me I can’t remember the indy pizza shop I worked for in Mesa. Two places to check out that I remember are Native New Yorker and Timberwolf Tavern. The first has the hottest f$%king wings I’ve ever imagined and the latter has more beers than I’ve ever seen. I believe they offer over 200 draft beers. It’s a pretty impressive set up.