Visting Southern Cali

Visiting Southern Cali in a couple weeks (san diego, LA areas) Son iis graduating from Marine Combat Training at Camp Pedelton

any body around there can stop in and see will have all day monday to myself want to try some of that California style pizza


Hey…haven’t announced it yet…but I am a Gulf War vet and though I own pizzerias in pittsburgh, PA…I am opening my first concept location in SoCal…only about an hour from Pendleton. Keep in mind that what you think is a short drive in socal…is not the same as back home.

In a week our new site will be up… and it will have directions to our new Ladera Ranch pizzeria. Bring your son and ask for steve…one vet to another…your/his graduation pizza is on me.

I hope that I will be there but if you send a Private Msg I will give you my cell to call ahead…we are opening the week before halloween.