vitallink, firefly, diamond touch joining?

heard these companies are combining.anyone heard anything?

Yep. That is the word on the street. Guess what company they want to put out of business first.

Anyone want to elaborate?

Figured something like this would happen sooner or later. It will be a long time before they will be putting anyone out of business.

What do you mean?Is this really true?

Hmm. I recognize registered guest, but it is interesting that the other two posts are from first time posters. Kind of surprising to generate that kind of response from lurkers.

For quite a few years I have followed the POS business, and in general most companies have a pretty good business philosophy and are upstanding members of the pizza community. Most are ripe for some sort of change in the market, and it is coming. I guess we won’t be hearing any fat ladies sing this year or next, but I will give 10:1 odds that 2012 brings the death of a POS company.

I wouldn’t be surprised either. I haven’t heard of a major POS provider going under yet, which is quite shocking given the economy. How many people could possible be opening new restaurants or making large capital investments to existing restaurants?

I say good riddance to a few of them - the ones that have been guilty of price gouging for years. Some on the board may know my POS allegiance, and I hope that company kicks the snot out of the “big guys”.


I hear there’s a weekly group you can join for your Diamond Touch problem. I have never heard a single good thing about them in two years…they must have a hell of a sales team.

Price gouging? How is this possible if we have a choice?

Perhaps “gouging” was the wrong word to use.

I’m referring to the “big guys” that require you to purchase their (vastly overpriced) hardware, require you to pay thousands of dollars to have somebody at your store for multiple days for “training” (plus travel expenses), require you to maintain a support contract, require you to send them your computer if service is needed on the software, etc.

I would say that as of a few years ago there wasn’t much of a choice. If you wanted a somewhat advanced POS system you had to jump through all of the hoops above and were saddled with a $20,000 bill for a four terminal system.

I’m glad there are players our there now, with great software, that allow us to build our own systems, maintain our own systems and handle our own training.