Viva Las Vegas!!!

Booked my flight for The Vegas show today and I wanted to see who else is going? Anyone want to try to organize a get together of PMQ members?

you know i am there

I will be there.

I am in the process of trying to get there myself. I will be there the week before for the Amusement showcase international, it is too bad they are not just a couple days closer together. I hope I will get to meet you all! Take care and have a safe trip!

P.S. Watch out for those unsafe Soutwest Airlines planes!!!

I booked my flight today also, yea paul lets get together

I’ll be there,

Planning on attending…shopping for flights.

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there too…

I’ll be there too, you can find me on the program.
Lets hear from those going to the PMQ New York Pizza Show this coming week!
Tom Lehmann/ The Dough Doctor

We’ll be there. Do you want to meet at the Beer and Bull session or someplace else? We are staying at the Mirage.

The B&B is a good place to meet up at.
I’m normally there too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I will be there too, I will be competing in the pizza challenge, anything that I should know before hand that would help me be a better competitor at the compitation would help. Thanks

I’ll be there, but I’ll be working. :? Come stop by my booth and say hi!!

That doesn’t mean you can’t join us for a beer after the show closes! :lol:

I hope that I can join in next year…we are opening our shop this April and I want to still be around next year (as we know the 1st year will make or break ya)to meet all of the FABULOUS folks from this fourm…

I will be there. If you are interested I will be giving 2 semminars one on how to get loyal customers and one on promotions and marketing (school programs, fund raising, community partnership etc). A bunch of us are meeting at the B&BTuesday night. When you enter the room, we’re going to have the BACK RIGHTHAND table reserved and you’re welcome to hang out after the B&B session. Let me know and if needed we will reserve a couple of tables. We could also get a group together and hit one of the pubs or the dueling pianos show at NYNY or something

i will see you guys there as well

I am coming in on the Saturday before…party hardy !


I usually go every other year - will be missing this year. One word to the wise for those who’re going for the 1st time: Every vendor there is going to want to scan your badge - unless you actually want to receive literally hundreds of sales calls, only let those whose product/service you’re genuinely interested in do so. Or, if you prefer, you could perform the same :wink: “accident” I did last year …

There was this one particular phone # that some guy kept calling pranks to us from, after the 2nd one we caught on, but the first was for 8 pizzas (ouch). Now, I have no idea how it happened, but when I filled out my registration form for last years show, I somehow accidentally put his phone number down instead of mine. That poor guy somehow got all the calls that I didn’t want - I much prefer to have info mailed or emailed to me so I can study, compare, & decide when it’s convenient to me rather than when it’s best for some salesguy.

I’ll have to apologize to the poor guy next time he tries calling in a bogus order …

And to the salesguys who wasted time calling the wrong #, sorry, but I never buy anything off of a phone call anyway, so your time would have been wasted in any case regardless.

They should have a “Do not call” box you can check on the registration form right next to the space for your phone #