VOIP phone systems

After a bit of searching I see this topic hasn’t been talked about in several years and I know technology moves quickly. Is anyone using a VOIP system for their shop with 3-4 phone lines? If so, please let me know who you are using and how the service is/any issues with it.

Unified Office and really like them. I had another VOIP provider with issues and they have been great. They added AI that detects negative sentiment & profanity where I get instant text notifications with call dialogue. I also have it setup to alert me when the phone is not being picked up in a timely fashion.

Pizza Cloud, hands down. Reason: their customer service is exceptional! We have 3 locations and the options are endless for the phone system.

100% pizza cloud!! Great service!

VOIP won’t work with my caller ID box

I’ve been using PizzaCloud for about 3 years now in 4 locations. Combining bill savings along with zero down time and the ability to direct customers to order online I estimate it has saved us around 200K.

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Depending on your POS, it’s possible that the POS can simply use the caller ID server to send to the POS. Would be worth finding out

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Get a new caller id box or a new POS. You’ll be happy you did.

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I’m not saying Pizza Cloud is Gods gift to mankind, but they are awesome. I have 4 phones and no problems they can’t resolve quickly.

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We use Nextiva and love it. We have 2 lines but with 3 phones we actually get more with a quasi call waiting. It has the so many abilities that we love. plus you can configure it in so many ways. We actually have it auto answer and try and get them to order online first or they can speak to us by the simple press of a button. Wouldn’t switch to be honest.

when I switched to Unified I didn’t need a caller ID (Whooz Calling) box…they do it through their network I guess

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