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I saw a few weeks back a post on using Pizza Cloud for VOIP. Anyone have any experience with that company that they would be willing to share?



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I have a friend that is using it at multiple shops who loves it and raves about it. Because of this recommendation, I am planning to use it when I relocate my store this summer. But, another franchise in our company has purchased the system with installation and has been waiting quite a long time for the install to happen. The system has been sitting at their shop for over a month, possible 2 months.

Looking into pizza cloud any updated review?

i talked with a guy named Gilbert after the Expo said he would check into being able to Port my number and haven’t heard back from him since last Tuesday not very proffesional

This has been on my radar for a while, but I was scared to pull the plug on my copper line phones. A friend got it in his store and liked it so I pulled the trigger last month. I will say we had a few bumps in the road thanks to my phone service Frontier giving us the runaround when we requested to port our phone line but now that has passed we love it. Sound quality is so much better and the ability to record calls, offer intro & on-hold messages, and never losing calls has been great. Best part is the integration with my POS through a Vertex called ID box so that my employees have no confusion as to which line they are answering and at the end of the day I am not paying that much more than I was before after I cancelled my phone lines. I have yet to test the mobile backup but it is supposed to automatically switch over in case of interruption including my online ordering and credit card processing. They could do better with customer service as I had to reach out to them instead of the other way around, but they were responsive once I did. I did increase my internet speed package with Comcast from 50 to 100 just to make sure there were not any issues. Overall, I would highly recommend them…wish I did it sooner!

I actually reached out to them about 6 months ago as we were starting the process to move our location elsewhere. I filled out their contact form online and I was really eager to hear back from them. They NEVER contacted me. The product sounds unbelievable but if they can’t reach out to a potential paying customer then I wonder how they’re going to be with support when you need them as well. It just didn’t sit very well with me

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I signed up with them 2 months ago. There were some issues. Switching over phone providers went well, but we had some issues with it configuring with our pos firewall. Once that was all done , things are great. No issues.
The cell backup will keep your phones and web ordering up when your internet outage happens.

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my local company is bringing it in i will have 5 lines for $100 a month pre answer message, call recording, caller id and “FREE” phones no rental yeah boy

Steve, just saw this post. We had an issue a while back with some of the messages from the contact form going into a black hole. If you are still interested please do reach out to us. We strive to respond literally within minutes, and are currently adding about 30 customers per month.
Sorry you had a bad first experience.
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RobT, still no issues?

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We had an outage on a Friday night for about 20 minutes, but they got everyone up quickly.
No issues since .

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Do you know why there was an outage?

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I used pizza phone and pizza cloud. Pizza cloud was cheaper and works just as well if not better.

Rob, any idea why there was an outage? curious to know why the cellular back up didn’t kick in?

I’m not sure why it went down, however, I know they now have 6 backup centers instead of 2 just a few months ago.

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I never received an answer of what happened. But cellular is useless if their servers go down which is what I think happened. I was assured by their tech support team that they resolved it and have taken the steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The features outweigh all the bumps I’ve encountered so far which were only a few.
I highly recommend this to anyone in this business.

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Thanks, I’m very impressed with the systems features and my initial communications with them have be timely, informative and included full disclosure of both the initial and ongoing costs associated with installation.

So with 2 “backup centers” it went down , but 6 does the trick?


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