VOIP Systems


Has anyone had any experience with PizzaCloud? I am open to a VOIP system for my third store, but the phones have to be built better than what I have already. VOIP phones seem to be made for offices only and are not nearly capable of the smack down that they receive in the kitchen.


Harry, you are 100% correct. But the big issue is the phones that companies choose to use. Some VoIP companies have a higher monthly price but give you “free” equipment. In the immortal words of…I have no idea who said it first, but “There Ain’t No Such Ting as a Free Lunch”. So these companies tend to provide either used or low-end model phones. We went the other way. We have a lower monthly price but charge for the equipment. The phone we use most frequently is the yealink T27. We (PizzaCloud) have about 4,000 in use in your industry and I can tell you that they are VERY reliable. We are replacing about one per month out of 4,000. FYI - when wall mounted, like on many phones the little tab that keeps the handset from falling off is the most common thing to break. So we send spare handset clips with the phones and tell our customers to throw them in a drawer. We also now send spare handset cords, since on any phone those do go bad over time. FYI - we get a manufacturer warranty of 90 days, but we give OUR customers one year. We would not do that if they were a problem.
One common problem with other phones is these overpriced Polycomm VVX300/400/500 phones. They are just not as solid as old polycoms, but the real issue is that they have touch screens! Do touch screen phones sound like a good idea in YOUR restaurant?
So - whatever VoIP company you go with, check info on the specific phone models they recommend. If the line runs from $50 to $300 and they want to give you the $50 phones…be wary. And ask IN WRITING if they are supplying new (not used/refurbished) phones.

John Scully