Any one here using a cloud base phone system? I am just looking for feedback on the system if you do use it. I am currently using Charter Voice spending about 400 per month for 6 lines. Any help would be great. I need to reduce this issue.

Pizza Cloud. We have used it for a few months now and just added it at our second location. About $170 a month. Up to 10 phone lines. No additional charge for the 10 lines. Also has back up internet service with Verizon or any other carrier that may have a stronger signal in your area. Call clarity is awesome. Highly recommend it. My only issue is that they seem to be swamped and don’t do well with emails, but phone calls are your best bet to get in touch with them, they are very receptive and available that way

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I 2nd pizza cloud. We are 1 year with them.
Great technology

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I 3rd PizzaCloud…wish I did it sooner

If it can handle 135 order hours it must be good!

the best part is we force a greeting on all incoming calls that promotes online ordering & our loyalty program so we convert alot of calls into online orders before it even starts ringing

Good info here. I spoke to a sales rep. For me at a current $300/month bill with equipment charges and figuring I self install it looks like 11 months to break even and then start saving money based on the monthly fee. That isn’t taking into account pushing customers to online ordering, the cellular back up for when internet goes down, additional up selling capability etc.

Comcast goes down a LOT more often than Century Link around here. In 19 years we had Century link go down exactly twice. Once for 2-3 hours the other cost us the rest of the day. Comcast went down twice last month at my house.

Pizza Cloud uses internet.
What’s everyone paying for internet and how much speed would you guys say is the minimum requirement to use Pizza Cloud?

I think it depends what else you have on your modem so I upgraded to business class 100 speed with Xfinity and have not had any issues.