what would be concidered decent gross dollar volume for an independent one location?

There are a thousand variables, but a good answer would be: enough that you are willing to continue doing it.

enough that you are willing to continue doing it.
Depends… if you don’t go BK in the first year. Remember, although I haven’t found a hard number, the ballpark consensus is about a 60-90% failure rate for new businesses, with restaurants placing among the most difficult by category.

concidered decent gross dollar
I don’t consider gross dollars much. I focus on net dollars. It really depends on your location: North East & California Coast - $40K+ Net Profit; Rural (poor & low cola) areas - $15K+ Net Profit. I pick these numbers, while understanding there’s a slew of others not mentioned that should be considered, because given your personal financial situation, they would provide the minimum income to survive in that area. If you have a bad financial situation, you’ll need to earn more net profit.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re working a 9-5 corporate job, or running a business yourself (regardless of the type of business) the location (region) and personal finances will dictate whats acceptable. You could survive on $10K a year in the south with no personal debt or obligations and live a thrifty life style. I don’t think the $10K would go nearly as far in other regions of the country.

If you cant hit 20K+ in sales within 3 months of opening i would be worried, And if after 6 months your not over 30K a month in gross sales it would not be worth it to me to keep going

And how the F could you live on 10k anywhere in the US? jesus. Maybe 2000-2500 maybe.

It takes me over 6k to pay all my bills

It takes me over 6k to pay all my bills
Me, personally?? Zero debt. Everything I own is debt free.

In review of my example, you’d have to ‘net’ more profit than me. So, if I could get by on $10K/yr in a cheap place, you’d need quite a bit more than $10K.

Heck, some people couldn’t survive on a million a year, it just depends on a lot of factors, personal finance, independent wealth, obligations, and debt being a few.