Vote for WADAVE

There is a contest on facebook for the best pizza in WADAVE’s area go and vote for him. His store is pizza pizzazz … qa_ref=qts

Done. Happy to do it!

And I thought he was running for President of the USA…lol…

Thanks guys for voting.

I would take Dave as President right now!!! :!: :idea: :smiley:

Dave is in first place by 1 vote. If you haven’t voted give a boost.

Thanks Richard. We are well and truly cemented on the shortlist. Hold the votes until I next psot as there will be a vote off to determine the overall winner. Again thanks for everyones votes.
By the way the othe contender is based on 2 shops combined and the owner is Theo Kalogeracos of Little Caesars Pizzerias, the guy who has won the World Pizza Championships twice, the last being in 2010.

The voting for the final of this award has changed with registration forms etc, restricting voters to Australia only.
We topped the voting for the preliminaries and now are in the finals.
Thanks to everyone who helped us get there.
I am confident with our customer base now aware of it and friends of friends etc also alerted to vote for us that we can get there.
I will keep you posted on the final result.