I am a former pizza shop owner (and frequent visitor to PMQ), and haven’t posted here in awhile, but…

…Since you business owners are the backbone of the greatest economy the world has ever known, I implore you to take the time to fill out your election ballot to prevent this country from devolving into a socialist cesspool.

I’m currently a (reluctant) union member (ugghhhhh!!), and can tell you that “the union’s favorite party” is working frantically to label all business owners as greedy, and is anxious to dictate to you how to run every aspect of your business.

I keep my free-market mouth shut when the union thugs speak, but I will oppose every commie bill they support and every leftist politician they endorse at the ballot box, and I’m counting on you too!

I salute you risk-takers out there, and my vote on Nov 7th is for those who support you. 8)


But by keeping your mouth shut(I don’t know your job, or know your position in the union) you are allowing your fellow union members to be duped by promises that can never be fulfilled. You are allowing a general attitude to sway away from personal responsibility.

I apoligize upfront if you union doesn’t believe socialized healthcare is a right so on and so on, but you need to speak up!

You can count on my vote, going against most of the the politicians the unions support.


VOTE!!! No matter what your party!!!

I agree about giving them a piece of your mind, but don’t hold your breath on it doing a bit of good. I typically find that labor unions could really care less about anything other than what benefits them! As a matter of fact, they are so unreasonalble most times that they fight to improve their standards so much that the underlying company struggles, or fails because of it!

It’s come to my attention that concepts like Supply / Demand, the Laffer Curve and Free Market Capitalism are simply too confusing to too many folks. I don’t want to encourage any of this type to start voting :shock:

I will simply encourage the few co-workers I have who DO grasp basic economic forces & who vote appropriately. We’re in a top-secret club of union members who actively ignore the propoganda we’re given. 8)

I’m glad to read that you plan on voting!

Down with UNIONS !
THEY DO nothing !

But Take Your Money ! :x