WADAVE & DADDIO 2012!!! :idea:

Our government is at the point of being 100% unable to govern the country. The time has come to stand up and replace them all!!! Recall all 3 branches of government and lets start over!!!

Just a question… how many of the small business owners on the TT are flat out afraid of the direction we have taken and the future too come?

I seem to recall a quote from politics of the past.

If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve.

Big time concerned where we’re heading, but more scared that it’s on purpose and we can’t do anything about it! So yeah…vote Daddio and WA!

So that is good enough endorsement for Richard and Me to be co-pres.
Free beer to all pizza owners.
Lower wages for drivers
Outlaw price gouging by the chains - no just outlaw the chains.

Richard ad your policies.
:smiley: Dave

Deacon that sad thing is that they all play this game with our lives. Everything is too the last minute but so important that we just need to pass it and read it later. The Dems had control of everything for 2 years and did not pass a budget. WTF! The country is falling apart but it’s all good…we have Obamacare! When you give so much to the lower 50% of the country in handouts ofcourse they will vote for you. The move the Senate pulled yesterday was pathetic. Not even going to debate the balanced budget bill. Reid said it was the biggest waste of the Senates time he has ever seen! Really? They are afraid of having to comment openly on this issue. Now everything is last minute once again. We need serious cuts too all the worthless programs that do nothing! The overpaid employees that do nothing! You spend what you take in! We all run companies that cannot just spend twice what we make every month. Sorry but all of these idiots need to go! They only care about their next election and not about the country they represent. TERM LIMITS! One term and you are done. No lifetime pension for serving a couple of years. It should be a privilage too serve not a payday! This way you get something done and not just lie too all so you can play politics for another term! They just do not get it. Business’ will not expand, grow, and take the risks until they have an understanding of where the country is going or how tight the gov controls will squeeze them. The only way we survive is by small business and a growing economy. We do not survive with more entitlements and handouts. There is nothing to handout if there is nothing coming in and the upper 5% are only going to give so much before they all move to Canada with Daddio… or a tax friendly country. Oh, it will be ok… we can all join a union and collect food stamps! Time to open our eyes and our mouths and really make some changes! :idea: :arrow: :!:

My favorite campaign bumper sticker a number of years ago was:

Picard & Riker in '92!

Steve I would take a Romulan and Klingon right now! Maybe even that little annoying guy from the newer shows! I had too google this… Quark! :shock:

Oh, what the heII… Any Smurfs available? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few years back we had a bad government in - Labor - and the Liberals who narrowly lost put out bumber stickers “Don’t blame me, I voted Liberal”

110% agreement with you Micheal…

I made up one myself:


I believe EVERYONE who receives ANY money from the public coffers must pass a drug test every time.
I believe anyone in political office should be required to have an IQ no lower than 120.
I believe employees of all levels of government should only be paid for their productive hours.

The more I think about what government can do to create jobs the more I think that there is “almost” nothing they can do…Businesses have created so many efficiencies in their manufacturing and processes that there will never be the need for the workers ever again…This is the case in every industry…

For example, car assembly…I tried to find some very old data, 40, 50, 60 years, but I came up empty…But in the last 10 years, labour hours per car has decreased almost 20%…And cars built today last longer…You can only use so many cars, so those jobs that have been eliminated will never be replaced…

So the only idea I have is 3 or 4 day work week…Now many folks will say that they can not support their families on that kind of income…But if you look back in time you will see that years ago single earner families could buy houses and go on vacation…But they were not satisfied living within their means so they became 2 earner families and bought bigger house and took more exotic vacations…That is what drove up the price of houses…If income levels go down, house prices will adjust to what the market can withstand…

Now getting back to the “almost” in my 1st paragraph…The one thing government can do is share the work they have…Federal, state, crown corporations (USPS, Amtrak), etc., etc. all need to cut their workers hours 20% and hire more people…And if you look at tax rates, the cut in pay would not be 20% because I think it would move folks to a lower tax rate…

But if those working did not have to support so many not working, eventually governments would not need so much taxes to support these programs…And some day once you pay off the debt burden maybe tax rates can go down…

This may seem radical, but what is happening now is not working…


I agree with everything you said… heres the thing Im based in Ireland … different country same K…p, no matter were you go politicians are all the same ,

I assumed that you meant elected officials at the federal level, ie Congressmen, Senators and the President. But I really just want to pass along a cartoon that appeared in todays newspaper…it showed a antive Afgani and a native Iraqi looking at news of the budget impass in Washington. One of the two guys says " It doesn’t look as though they are quite ready for democracy just yet. Ironic, huh?

Fat, bald(ing) and ready to serve.

Dave’s menu isn’t any more confusing than the federal budget. :slight_smile:

Does that mean anyone who owns (bought) a pizza? :smiley:



Ooopps … i have to resign my nomination :cry: