Walk in cooler assembled

Just an update to my interested friends . . . I have assembled my walk-in cooler tonight with my wife’s help. We bought it this summer from 15thStreetPizza, and have taken wayyyy too long to get this project moving. When I bought it, they informed me that the panels were numbered for easy re-assembly. Having remembered and then completely ignored the helpful info, we fought for an hour dealing with the panels that didn’t quite go together into a box. Wife finally said we should follow the numbers. BINGO. A walk-in cooler box.

We are trying to barter with an electrician friend for the wiring, and then get a refrigeration guy to make it run. I am just dreaming about all the bear and food we can store in a big walk-in cooler with just one compressor to run. Ooooh, and fermenting dough on a dolly stacked with dough pans rather than in my reach in. Gives me goosebumps being in the big leagues finally. Monday is setting up my Bakers Pride 602’s to complete the transformation.

So, do I need to seal the inside seams at the wall joints with some sort of tape or something? The foam joints seem awfully tight, but thought I’d ask anyway. It’s my first rodeo with this sort of thing, so I am not as wise in the ways of coolers . . . except that they keep my beer cool.

As I recall when I put mine together I used food safe caulking between each panel and at the floor as per the manufacturers specifications.

I’ve never caulked mine - defeats the purpose when moved again…joints/seals s/b tight enough…there s/have been some type of “beading”(weatherproofing?) on the metal part - like a caulk line, but…

I sealed my walk-in cooler when I installed it. It helps to keep it cooler specially if unit is used.
I would recommend it.

Also for next time get a self contained walk in cooler you don’t need to deal with refrigeration guy.

This company got great deals and for most free shipping.


We plan to seal ours with 100% silicone. Flexible, safe, and still easy to tear apart later.

We sealed ours when we put it together, but ours is outside…that may make it different. The caulk came with the coolers.

I bet you can hardly wait to get your ovens up an running…when we got ours at the new place it was like christmas…and a birthday…heck several christmases and b-days all wrapped up in one.




Glad to hear that it is going to be in use again very soon! Sorry to hear about the issue getting it back together. We always seen to make things harder than they really should be!

Keep us updated!

as for the caulking…I would do it. Better seal and makes it waterproof. Once a year we take eveything out and give it a good pressure washing. With the caulk in place we just use a squeegee to direct the water to the closest drain!