Walk-in cooler help

I’ll be getting a new walk-in Any recommendations of brands to choose or to stay away from?
Also, how much should I expect to pay for installation?
Finally, should I go with an 8X10 or an 8X8 plus a reach in cooler?


Taking a word of advice from a person who’s family business started with 3 walk-in coolers of about 14X30 each and ended up with multiple freezer warehouses with over six million cubic feet of storage… you need to get as large a cooler as your space will allow you to put in… within reason of course. With smaller walk-ins the cost difference between the next size up or two is usually small since it normally is just a couple of extra panels and the compressor units do not change in size for the most part. As far as brand… as I too am in the market and have been doing my homework on this item…and I welcome imput from others if they agree or disagree here… the Leer units seem very well made, have well designed features, and good warrantys. As far as installation. If you are mechanically inclined these units look like they go together really easily and the cooling units are self contained for the most part and just need their final connections made. I would think you could assembly it yourself and have a licensed HVAC guy come in to do the final hookups and wiring for a few hundred dollars at most. Just a guestimate since every install is unique. :smiley:

I will be installing a new walk in that I purchased through www.canddequipment.com out of Texas. Pretty knowledgeable, very easy to work with. The only negative I can say is they led me to believe that I would have all of my components by yesterday and I had scheduled to install it Monday. But the refrigeration (which was supposed to be the first to arrive) didn’t ship till yesterday and I have had to reschedule the install. The install is costing me $1500 and I had a couple other quotes for $2000.

As far as size, go with the larger one. I know I’ll be constantly grabbing small items out of my cooler so I got mine manufactured with a glass reach in door next to the walk through door. This comes with shelves like a jiffy store cooler and I’ll keep all the items I used to keep in my reach in cooler on these shelves. I also recommend that if you have the ceiling height, buy a 8’7" cooler as opposed to the standard 7’7" cooler. This upgrade will only cost a couple hundred dollars but can lead to a much less cluttered cooler.

Thanks for the replies, one more question: floor or no floor?

No floor. I was told by two different companies that with the weight of a stack of dough trays and a shelves loaded with 1000lbs of cheese a floor will get dents and ruts worn into it.

You’ll need a floor if you get a walk-in freezer…My walk-in (10x12) has a floor - minimal problems/ruts/dents but it’ll need 2 be refinished if I’d have stayed there…new place is industrial tile -will need a small ramp if you have a floor…

Hi Jackaloo:

You have obtained a lot of good information.

I would comment that there are a lot of walk in manufactures. Most all produce a foamed in place urethane panel that meets the building code specifications. Most all panels will last indefinitely they do not deteriorate.

Coolers placed on a cement floor do not need floors. Freezers do require floors as the cement will freeze and buckle if there is no insulation.

Almost no cooler manufacturers build their refrigeration units they buy them from refrigeration companies.

A couple of guys with average skills should be able to set up the average walk in. The panels are simply cam locked together. Most refrigeration units are drop in type and only require an electrician to connect them. There is a drain line required to expel the condensate. That does not take a plumber most guys should be able to put some PVC pipe together.

George Mills

I have a candequipment cooler on the way.

Seems to be a good cooler and the they were very knowledgeable.

I bought one with a floor, 7x8.

I will install it my self on Tuesday, will update with results.



I have built quite a few walkins and if it is a freezer it will probably need a floor as George and others mentioned. As far as putting the box together, it is not an overly difficult process. You will need a few people and probably some ladders. However, leveling a floor can be a bit involved and requires a little more building acumen. I have done a lot of installations where we used sand underneath the floor panels to level them and its a pain in the butt. Just think about whether or not the cost of hiring professional installers is outweighed by the costs of building hassle.
Hope this adds a little more information to go with the good stuff in this discussion already.


My cooler is up and running,

I loaded all my food into a refer truck I rented. Dismantled my old cooler the scrap guys grabbed it right up with in 2 hours, put the new one up and had in all done in about 4 hours. It took 3 of us to do it and it went really smooth. I am very happy with the cooler I purchashed from c and d equipment. The refridgeration until in very impressive and well constructed. A quote of $1500 for a 4 hour job for 3 guys , is $125/ hour. I will take down old coolers and put new ones up all day long for $125 and hour.

This is a no brainer easy job, do it your self, you will be amazed how easy it is.

Good Luck,


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be talking to C&D today. Did you get the remote one on the roof or the one with drop-in with the compressor atop the walk in.

My cooler has the drop in unit on top, I didn’t want to cut a hole in the roof.

The cooler runs great so far and I spoke to Chris at C and D.

Good Luck,


we bought a Norlake combo unit 8x10 cooler (no floor) & 8x6 freezer (floor) about 5 yrs ago with NO PROBLEMS. Best decision we made was to have it set up for remote refrigeration (in the basement). We over-sized it at the time for our projected needs and have it maxed out only a year later so definitely overestimate. Also add the option to bolster the bottom half front door of the walk-in…glad we did because it gets banged around alot. We assembled our together in a few hours and had an electrician and refrigeration guy connect after it was assembled…highly recommend the Norlake

Just a side note on coolers - or should I say a cry from me :cry: :cry:

Our compressor packed it in a couple of days ago and we are now up for a new one … $5,300 worth.

The new one has to go on the outside roof with piping down to the cooler.

Just what I needed after a downturn in sales over the past 10 months. Sales just starting to get back near last years figures and whack goes any profit made. Hopefully insurance will cover a fair bit of it.


Any advantage to single phase? or should I order three phase?

The price I got from C&D seems the best -

Paul, did you get yours installed Ok?


We installed last night/today after a week delay waiting for the compressor and evaporator to show up. One of my evaporator fans stopped working minutes after hooking the power up. Still have two fans and unit is cooling well despite broken fan. Called C and D today at 11:30 AM eastern and left a message for Doug about failed fan motor and recieved no reply :evil: . My box is nice, a couple small dents and dings when unpacked, but looks nice. My installer says the panels are “freezer” panels, so are a higher quality. My door has a diamondplate finish on the bottom half, which I had planned to add after the fact. All in all I’m happy with the box but extremely disappointed that I received no return call about the failed motor in the Turbo Air evaporator. Hopefully they’ll call me tomorrow to correct the problem.

Well I spoke too soon,

My cooler stopped working today. Went and picked up dry ice and threw it in the cooler later today and went up top to see what was up. The compressor was really hot and I found the start capacitor blown apart. I don’t know what happened first; the compressor or the capacitor. Called C&D and they couldn’t get ahold of the warranty dept on the unit, so he will call me tomorrow…isn’t that great. I am going to a supply house tomorrow morning to pick up a new capacitor and see if that is the fix, if not I have to have a guy come and check out the compressor and probably replace it. I also believe I just found out that I have a parts only warranty on this thing…so I made a mistake. I am out $125 on dry ice so far and maybe the cost of labor on a compressor. My buddy who usually does my stuff is in Florida for a week so I hope the capacitor is the fix.

Make sure you buy with warranty on parts and labor.

Will update tomorow.


Got my cooler running again. It was the start capacitor, it runs fine again. Thank God it wasn’t a compressor or something expensive. $13.40 and we are up and running. The guys at C&D were nice, they are sending me a whole start up kit, capcacitor, relay and run capacitor. Still not to keen on the no labor warranty, wish I would have been paying attention a little closer. With out the labor of a technician, the parts are useless, thankfully this was a easy fix, even I was able to handle it.



Lucky you, Tony.’

Just got mine back up and running today just before opening - a new compressor system plus new evaporator inside the coolroom for the tidy sum of $6,800 :cry: We were out of coolroom action for just over a week using a portable trailer based 6 x 6 coolroom we hired for $220 per week.