walk in cooler help

My walk in cooler is condensating and is freezing over on the coils…

does any body have any sudgestions on how to handle this and systemize its defrosting???


Does your cooler have defrost elements running through the coils on the unit inside your cooler? If yes then your defrost timer or elements may be bad. If no, and you have never had this problem before, it may just be low on freon.

Tommy, Icing-up could be a sign that the unit is low on gas, You may want to get it checked out. This time of year my walkin ices up to, hot during the day --running hard, cool at night–still running hard --ices up. You can turn the condensing unit off at the electrical panel, but leave the fans in the walk-in running, will clean the ice up quick.

freezing over is the first sign that your compressor is overworking, this can be caused by numerous things.

The first thing you want to do is check your compressor and make sure it is clean, you should be able to put your hand in front of the fins and feel air hitting your hand. If there is a lot of dust on the front you can remove it with a whisk broom (don’t use anything that will bend the fins)

also, what they said for defrosting your evaporator—also take a flashlight and make sure it just the surface that is frozen and that you dont have a massive block inside the evaporator unit. If you do have the block you may want to speed up the defrosting with a hair dryer or a heat gun.

the front of my unit will freeze over a little on the hotter days, if the door is openned too much, but defrosts itself overnight when the door is left shut.

If you have the ice block inside your evaporator—and the compressor was dirty and not getting air that is probably the problem—but keep an eye on it and make sure the ice doesn’t form again.
If you have the ice block and the compressor is clean—call a repairman immediately.