Walk in Cooler Sweats Along Floor??

We have noticed a new problem with our walk in cooler, which has been in place for many years. It is floorless and sits directly on the floor (or actually it sits in a special plastic channel along the floor) it has recently started to sweat or form condensation along the outside of it all the way around it along the floor. Has anyone ever seen this before? Run run the inside of our store at 72 degrees, so it is not abnormally hot or humid in the kitchen.

You may want to check your roof top fans I know ours sweats when one of our fans are down.

Sweating on the exterior of the cooler when one of the fans in the cooler is down? I will check, but wondering how that would effect the sweating on the outside? Thanks.

My bad didn’t read it right…read it as inside. The thought of the inside of our cooler sweating makes me not see straight LOL.

On another note ours does do that from time to time, not sure why.

Hope you haven’t gotten on the roof yet :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re picking up condensation along the outsied of the cooler wall, this would be an indication of either an air leak where the walls join to the existing floor (could it be that the sealing gasket has failed?) or that for some reason, the insulation has been compromised. In any case, where warm air meets cold air or ccold object, is where you will find condensation on hot, humid days. If the insulation has been compromised, the condensation will be forming above the floor lins and running down the side of the wall, but if the problem is with the seal, it will only be forming right at the joint of the floor and the wall. A lot of times we see this problem at the cooler door. This is an indication that there is a problem with the door gasket…
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor