Walk-in Freezer

Im debating getting a walk-in freezer installed.
Currently I have 2 uprights, and 2 chests total cubic feet of space is about 70ft. We constantly have freezer space issues, we sell about 25 cases of fries a week plus alot of frozen shaved steak, other apps, it gets super annoying, but its just an annoyance.

The freezer would be 6x7x7height giving me 294 cubic feet of space, idk if Im calculating this correctly and I dont know how much ‘real’ space id have bc you need room to move in there.
Im quoted at 10k for the freezer and remote compressor, electric work done by another person.
Id like someone to chime in tell me if theyd do it.
My current freezer situation works its just not optimized.
Also Id be able to make less Sams Club and RD trips(which would be amazing!) bc I could fit more in there
Also I haven’t the slightest idea how much rigging this whole thing up electricaly is going to cost

I have a walk in freezer because we sell so many appetizers and wings. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. If you have any questions PM me.

We debated a walk in freezer but decided to go with a 3 door true freezer. We also have 2 upright single doors and a chest freezer

Have you considered doing fresh cut fries instead? They are better tasting and you could lower your food costs.