Wall Maps For Delivery

I need to buy some delivery wall maps with 5 mile radius and grids. Do you guys have any companies that you recommend that are inexpensive? Thanks -Roger

We used Randmcnally.com about $300


The one we use is published by the city and costs about $10. It has a street index and a corresponding grid as well. Check with city hall. It is about 4’ X 5’. We had it laminated with clear plastic and put it on the wall.


Call and ask for Steve Marek.

i have used both www.maponics.com[/url] and [url=http://www.marketmaps.com]www.marketmaps.com and gotten high quality laminated maps with OLD information. Both companies sold me maps with neighborhoods that were built 2-3 years earlier excluded. I now use a free map I get from AAA that I cut out my area and had a local copy shop blow it up and laminate for me. It’s got the most up to date info of any of the ones I’ve found.

We have just used the map books from the gas station, copy the pages, put those on the wall. Map book costs $7.00 plus copies.

I get my maps from the realestate agent that comes in every week. They seem to be the most up to date and are free.

you might also consider getting Microsoft Streets & Maps…decent…might not have all the latest neighborhoods…if you have a constant internet connection - Google Maps or Mapquest might be useful…

Point of Success integrates w/Microsoft & makes it quite easy to route multi-deliveries

What I’m looking for is a map that has grids on it. That way if the driver is looking for “Smith Street”, they go to the alphabetical listings and next to “Smith Street” it will say “A-3”. Then the driver goes to the map and looks for the quadrant A-3 and that’s where “Smith Street” is. I really need this type of map because my new shop I’m opening is in a city that my manager and I aren’t too familiar with as far as street names/locations are concerned. It also makes it a lot quicker to locate streets on the map. Most of the free maps and gas station ones in my area don’t contain grid lines.

Roger, that is the kind I get from my city. Call your city hall and ask them.

Thanks, I’ll give them a call on Monday and see what they have.

Like I said above, call www.mapshop.com and ask for Steve Marek.

He will produce a laminated map of any size/radius you want along with the grid to go with it - it will be up to date (usually within 30 days) - and will come with a printed index to the grid along with a computer file that you can load into your POS if you’d like. The cost will be < $300, and future updates (totally new maps) I believe are $100.

These guys are local to me - and I’ve been using them for years. Great service and great product.


Also check with your local Chamber of Commerce and County Commissioners’ office. They may have done a recent enough map for you that is gridded.

BTW, I live on Smith Street and find it just fine each night :smiley: Our town is a nightmare as no map has been updated for nearly 6 years of developments.


How many drivers will you have per shift? Get a GPS for each of them. You can get a decent one for about $200. I got a Magellan for my husband for Christmas—priceless!! Punch in the address, and it will get them directly to the house and tell them when they’ve arrived.

I’ve thought about buying GPS’s for my other 2 shops. I have a Garmin and love it. My concern is that they will get lost, stolen, or broken. At $200 a piece, that can get pretty expensive having to replace them.

They are totally useless in my area as the maps are 3 years out of date.