Wall Rack for Peels

Hey everybody- I’m looking for a very specific type of peel rack I saw on a pizza truck. It mounts to the wall and has a column of little rubber balls spaced to hold peels with stretched skins for speed (instead of a protruding wire frame). Anyone know what I mean? I’ve tried exhaustively to find it online and can’t. Please help!

Sorry, I cant visualize what youre after from your description but I really hope someone helps bc I have a tiny kitchen and if its a space saver im really intrested too

Did you see the rack in real life? Or did you see it on a TV show like Food Paradise?
It may sound weird but Ive actually emailed a women who had a really cool pizza oven.(She was featured on a Food Network program) I asked her where she got it. Maybe you could just ask where they got the rack

I actually saw it and worked with it daily on the pizza truck. It was great because it had virtually no footprint. I could ask the owner if the truck but I haven’t spoken to him in years and he’s a bit of a JO.

this? See back wall

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Yeah, pretty darn close. That’s it exactly as far as the design… looks like you have pans instead of peels though so the spacing is a bit wider. Maybe that’s something you can set? Is that your shop? Where did you get the racks?

the good news is that they are adjustable so a peel should work…the bad news is that I found these about 15yrs ago and have only seen them once in a corner of a booth at the Pizza Expo once. They have no details on them. I remember asking about them and they said a ridiculous price like $500/ea. I have about 8 of them in use and I repair the nubs after a while but they are awesome. I remember that they are use on cruise ships if that helps. Let me know if you track any down. Good luck!

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Wow I need those bad! Do you know what they are even called ? You mind if you can take a close up of what it looks like. I’m seriously impressed.

i have no info whatsoever…nothing on any of them either…sorry!

I got the link for the peel rack if anyone is still interested! Ordered one myself it came to 132$ with shipping

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