Walls are blank slates

Hi Everyone,

I have a beautiful new dining room but I have no idea how to decorate. I've been looking at posters, paintings, all types of stuff any suggestions? Photos are in my photo album on my facebook page.   [http://www.facebook.com/HilltopFarmsDriveIn](http://www.facebook.com/HilltopFarmsDriveIn)

Any local art galleries?

We joined forces with one to become a gallery ourselves. We provide the wall space and they provide the works that aspiring artists are wanting to display/sell (at no cost to us). They change the paintings up every now and then so it keeps the dining room fresh and dynamic.

Otherwise, you can always go with the old-timey or current photos of landmarks around town peppered with stuff from the local sports teams. That makes me think of T.G.I.Chilibee’s though, so I’d put that at the very bottom of my list.

One idea I had was to order proofs of photo that these pizza magazines take of famous places around the nation, blow them up to poster size, and frame them above each table with a little ‘back-story’ plaque. My thinking was that it would say to the customers, “these landmark pizzerias, we’re just like them.”

I like the landmark idea, nice one :slight_smile:

I had to put my sunglasses on! 8) With your 50’s theme how about if funds will allow… brick a wall or two and bring back NEON!!! Gives you a darker background and the neon colors will jump out. Just a thought.