Wanna make my own cheese.

Does anybody know where I can learn to make my own mozzarella :?: I have tried a couple of recipes off the net, It didn’t work very well.

I have a book that I used in Culinary school, it has an excellent recepie for fresh Mozz, it’s called Garde Manger, The Art And Craft Of The Cold Kitchen. It is by the CIA and you should be able to get one online pretty cheap. It also has lots of other good recipes in it. Check it out.

Someone brought that up a while ago. Check the archives.
Tom R

Polly-o has a cd out on the subject. All you need is steel bowls hot water 160 to 180 a hand bath for ice water a stainless paddle a decent mozz curd and a little pratice. It really a simple process. I used to make the old fanshioned way and that would take 2 to 3 days, but with the mozz curd out there you can do it in a small amount of time. Good luck and have fun with it.


the only cheese i know how to make is frumunda cheese. it’s delicious when it’s fresh.