Want to learn!!!!


i love pizza a lot, and i am willing to learn how to make an amazing delicious pizza, but unfortunately, in vancouver, i can not find any school or course that provides pizza making course. Also, i look up some online teaching movie, but still had no luck.

so, please tell me where i can learn how to make pizza in vancouver or in richmond~~~

Thx a lot

Hey Toppie,

If you’ll look back through this forum you’ll see the same question asked over and over again. If you would look back into the forum topics you can study up on what people have asked and how those questions were answered. As an overview, everyone is in agreement that if you want to get into the business and you’ve never done it before, don’t go to a class or take an online course, but actually GET INTO THE BUSINESS. Go to one of your local pizza places and fill out an application. There is no kind of training that matches “ON THE JOB” training. Be careful where you go. Look for a pizza place that is clean and organized, and where everyone is in proper image. By finding a place like that you know you’ve got a manager there who’s on the ball when it comes to standards and training. That’s the kind of manager you want to work for.

It’s great that you want to get into the pizza business and I would encourage everyone to do that (as long as they don’t open a store in my towns of course). Do it the smart way though. Try it on first to see how it fits. If you like it… that’s when you can start to look to the future to see where you fit in. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

thanks for the reply. The biggest challenge for me is my friend also wants to learn with me. But my friend has broken english, and he already got a stable job in richmond, so for him, it’s very difficult to do what you just mentioned. Is there any other way i can go for it??!

Most place I know of will hire part timers so if your friend can understand instructions he will likely get a job.

I agree, get a job in the best pizza place you can find. Other than that, I would say get your hands on every single pizza book you can find and start cooking them at home. Try all kinds of flour, sauce, cheese, toppings, and cooking methods until you find what you like the best. Hang around a good forum like this one as well because you can learn so much from these guys and gals. Good luck!