Want to open a delco

I have the opportunity to open a delco and was seeing if I could get some opinions on it. The space is about 1,100 sq ft at $875 a month. It is located in a center with a food lion,nail salon and pharmacy. It used to be a Indian restaurant. Within a 5 mile radius is the university with about 7,000 students,at least 6 apartment complexs,4 schools,lots of businesses. I’m still looking to get an actual count of the population of that 5 miles. There are several other pizza places in the area but the only 2 that deliver are Domino’s and Papa Johns. I plan to be open M-T 4 to 12 Friday 4 to 2 Saturday 11 to 2 and Sunday 12 to 12. I will be selling pizzas,wings,salads and drinks. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Read through the posts in the forum and then read them again. It will take more money than you think. There will be unexpected costs that come up. I have been open for 2 months and almost everything that was posted in this forum has been true.

Read the “Industry Info” tab items, you should find answers to many of your questions especially those concerning average spending, households eating pizza etc… A trip to your post office should be able to produce the number of mailing households in your area. You can also get this info at Melissadata.com ( think that’s right).

Others will tell you to plan, then to rip up your plan and double it. That’s pretty close to accurate. Good luck!

What are the demographics for your Magic Mile - the one mile radius around your store? And how close is the University - are all the student buildings within a 10-minute drive even at the heaviest traffic times? American Clearinghouse has a website that will allow you to generate radius and drive-time maps - you can view them for free without purchasing them.

Is your store located such that it offers an easy right-turn-in, easy right-turn-out driving access for customers on their way home from work? Will your storefront be clearly visible from the road(s)? Do your neighbors drive lots of traffic or are there crickets chirping in the parking lot?

What experience do you have operating a Delco? Have you created starting financial statements, specifically a break-even projection?

The university is about 1 1/2 miles from the location and most of the major student housing is within 5 minutes of it. The food lion there draws about 200 cars a day from the 2 counts we did. The store front is clearly visible from one direction as the back is facing the other.