Wanted: a Pizza Chef interested in travel or the surf

Looking for a Pizza Chef to live/work in a tropical paradise.

The idea is to come have a working holiday at our expense.

You would be employed to with the idea to assist in the start up of a new restaurant. To carry out all Chef duties and to train (in English) some national staff.

If you are interested, let us know

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um…one basic question: How should someone contact you? You left no contact info, Warren. Some may want to contact you in private rather than in a public forum.

do you?
please do on w_buttery@yahoo.com

or warrenanywhere@mac.com

Where is this tropical paradise and what type of market are you expecting to enter. I have all the qualifications and no baggage… Email me at jrw3813@hotmail.com if you would like to continue the correspondence.