Wanted: conveyor oven...anyone kn ow a good source?

Anyone? I have cash.

May I ask: New or reconditioned, Gas or electric, single or double deck, and most important how many pizzas do you hope to sell during your busiest hour of your busiest evening?

George Mills

George is a great source for XLT ovens.

Single, gas.

Re: Wanted: conveyor oven…anyone know a good source?
Single, gas.

That’s good. Now are you interested in a new energy efficient oven or an older used oven?

Also in order to quote you an oven I need to know

In your busiest hour will you intend to bake 26-29-50-68-or 87 pizzas in that hour? Your selection will determine what size oven you will need.

We encourage operators to buy the highest production unit they can afford as production capacity will determine your ability to be profitable.

The nature of pizza sales is that the majority of sales will be between 6 and 9 in the evening. sales of 100 or more pizzas in a busy hour are not uncommon.

Georg Mills

George Mills


I would be happy to speak with you about your conveyor oven needs. We have ovens starting at $8800.00 per oven. These ovens are new EDGE Conveyor Ovens. vist the website @ www.edgeovens.com or feel free to call me @ 1.888.480.EDGE


PS We also offer remanufactured ovens by MF&B Restaurant Systems starting @ $7,400.00 per deck