Wanted: Pizza Tickets for Manual Order Taking

Since we’ve started using POS, we don’t need the multi-carbon tear-off pizza tickets anymore…EXCEPT for nights like the one when the server’s motherboard failed, and nights when the power goes out, or whatever. I don’t want to buy a full case just for emergencies, and my former supplier isn’t set up to sell partial cases.

Anybody using POS with a backlog of paper tickets to unload? Or anybody out there willing to sell just 50 or so of whatever sheets you use? I don’t care if they are 3-part or 5-part or what design they are…just need to have something that’s suited for pizza shops!

Speaking of these tickets though, in case a lot of you are still stuck paying InstaWares prices and don’t know about Pizza Forms & Systems (pizzaforms.com) that’s where I used to get our forms and they are MUCH more affordable and service is much better than InstaWares ever was.


I’ll drop some in the mail on Monday. Also speak to pizzaforms.com about your labels if you use them. I am purchasing them for my blaster label printer through them cheaper than I can find them elsewhere.

Thanks so much! And thanks for the tip on labels. I didn’t even think about seeing if the PizzaForms people had labels. They’ve been good to me over the years so I’ll be happy to keep using them if I can.

The tickets have arrived. We really appreciate your help! - Kim and Nick