wanted to share this resume that i got today

Ever get those anoying phone calls from call centres in India touting for your phone business? They always call just before you open or as your rush is starting… (them) “halo, may I be speaking with the person who makes your phone decisions” (me) ’ do you want to order some pizzas? Delivered to Mumbai or Delhi?’ (them) " Oh no, no, no. I do not be wanting pizzas. I am not in Mumbai, I am in Australia, Melbourne ( should have said Melbourne, Australia ). I have for you a very good plan for you phone business " (me) ‘But we are a pizza shop. We sell pizzas. We don’t have a phone business. How many pizzas do you want. Sorry delivery will be about 3 - 4 days’ … CLICK

We get 3 -4 per month. They cannot be blocked as nuisance calls as they are outside our duristriction zones. You can either hang up, but I like listening to them trying to use their training using Australian names, sporting clubs etc to try and seem like they are actually in Australia.
Slightly off topic (don’t delete me Richard for being off topic :slight_smile: but a bit of a laugh like some of the resumes that come across my desk.


I’m going to weigh in on the side of “Not Funny.”

Would you rather have someone in your kitchen who is a whiz with the spell-check but who is lazy or has no experience … or someone who clearly has experience and initiative but “don’t spell so gud?” Hell, send her my way, I have a job for her.

"Do you have a pen I can use? " My personal favorite.

I would rather have someone who learned the basic skills taught in middle school or managed to pick them up in high school if they missed them the previous 8 years of education. I won’t hammer someone for my personal pet peeve: they’re, their & there. But, if they can’t spell those correctly, they probably can’t use a scale or do measurements correctly, probably can’t read my “to do” lists or follow the directions to change a BIB…I have enough to worry about, I don’t need to find out someone used baby spinach instead of basil in my sauce.

I’ve seen some very strange/poor applications over the years. I agree that people should lighten up a bit I can see the funny side in some of the comment on my application forms that I’m sure the candidate didn’t intend them to come out that way.

I try not to rule people out based on application forms, however, there are some things that really do not impress me and therefore I don’t rush to invite (if at all) these people down if I haven’t seen them face to face:

  1. Poor grasp of written English - if you haven’t a basic grasp of English then how are you going to record the customers name and address on the POS?
  2. Dirty application forms, enough said
  3. People who try and put clever/stupid comments
  4. People who obviously do not care about initial impressions (if you can’t take pride in your application form are you going to take pride in anything else).

Over the years I’ve interviewed people who’ve come in and spoken to me, whom I wouldn’t have interviewed based purely on their application (bad spelling etc). Some of these people clearly weren’t as capable in some areas as others and continually had knock backs. I have found that giving some people a chance pays huge dividends in the long run.