Wanted: Used POS parts for Point of Success

I am scavenging for used POS parts for to build my “poor man’s” POS. I do mean poor :cry: I have researched the Point of Success website, and am hunting really basic setup to get us ‘in the door’ with a rudimentary single computer system that we can build on as we get more need. We will go ahead and buy the Premium software, and add as we can to meet our needs.

I HAVE: Elo touchscreen 17" monitor, potential computer itself (dicey), keyboard, mouse, network hub.

I NEED and am willing to pay for:

  • Dot Matrix printers (2) looking at Epson TM-U220’s (not choosy at this point, though)
  • Cash Drawer compatible with printers
  • UPS for computer setup (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Would not turn down:

  • Computer itself (I have one that will eek by)
  • bump bar
  • Copy of licensed Windows XP
  • Copy of licensed MS Streets & Trips
  • Copy of licensed add-on modules for Point of Success that you have decided for some reason not to use. I will not pirate the software on this stuff.
  • Multiples of other hardware I might need.

I know I can go look at discount computer stores and eBay for things. I trust the people here a bit more than a random stranger, so I thought I’d ask if anyone hard cast-offs they want cash for. Here is the link for the recommended hardware for this POS system http://www.pointofsuccess.com/systemrequirements.htm

I will let you have my map program as the city I am in is booming so fast the thing is 3 years behind. Even the GPS in my wife car is out dated and it is a 2007. I had to go to city hall and get paper maps and even they are out of date.

Nick, best of luck going through the POS thing.

I Took the plunge In April 2006, and it was one of the best decisions i ever made. The system paid for itself in 6 months (I chose a high end one). Your system should pay for itself in less then 1 month…

Best Of Luck.

I’ve had great success getting computers on ebay…I’ve gotten 4 Dell GX270 for approx $150/ea…

I would recommend getting thermal printers tho…I do have a couple of Samsung (rebadged Epson’s I believe)I also have an older Star dot-matrix…no need for a bump bar…use one printer @ make line, one @ cut table…save your touch screen for order entry…

believe I have a cash drawer - brand unknown @ present…

What leads you to recommend the thermal printers? For the kitchen as well? Direct or transfer thermal?

the speed of thermal vrs matrix 4 1…

the cost of ribbons for another…

heat can mess up a ticket - just keep 'em outta the heat lamps…

As far as peripherals go - cash drawers, printers, etc - IMO it’s simply best to get new ones instead of buying someone elses future troubles. I’ve found it to be a better investment - even if it does cost more initially.

I get all my stuff from www.posworld.com - great service/shipping and great prices.

Also, I would never buy someone elses used UPS. You have no idea of the condition of the batteries. Definately only buy a brand new one.

I have 5 Epson tm-u200b that I would like to sell.
4 are used but in good con. , 1 is like new my back up printer.
Upgraded computers , then pos company says printer won’t work
with upgrade, what a scam. $250 takes them all.
609-652-0378 Bryan

The best deal I’ve seen in a long time on new thermal printers is the new Star TSP-100. POSWorld has them for about $200.

As far as thermal printing technology, the only time you have a choice between direct thermal and thermal transfer is with label printers. All the thermal receipt printers are direct thermal. They use thermal receipt paper and the receipt can turn dark if it gets very hot.

A 17" touch screen is usually larger than you will need. You can save a little money by getting 15" displays.

Dell is selling a new Vostro brand computer with Windows XP for $319 that will work very well with Point of Success. Here’s a link that may or may not work: http://www.dell.com/content/products/pr … bundlestab

If you know a little about computers and you expect that you may have a little trouble from time to time with the hardware, used components can save you about $200 to $500 per workstation depending on your configuration.

Found an ‘open box’ deal for $290 shipped on a 17", so I hopped on it.

I am moderately useful in troubleshooting used equipment, and have close tech support handy by phone (for pizza) . . . so we go for previously disabused hardware and self-installation when possible. I’ll even be running the cat5 cables to the jacks.

I read their description, and it is compelling . . . BUT . . .
I am still squeamish about the thermal printers in the kitchen. We handle so much food, and the box labels will get smeared, I would think, by non-pristine hands, let us say. Can I really use the thermal printed receipts/labels in the kitchen to manage the orders and so I don’t have to use monitors at each station? I figured the impact printers would use more consumables, but be more durable printout all things being equal.

Please advise this somewhat neurotic, self-flaggelating techno wannabe :slight_smile:

we use a thermal printer 4 the make line…once the order is done, its tossed…

we repeat that ticket on the cut table, for all orders…ticket stays on the the ticket rail until the order is complete, then placed on the del bag or given to the customer…

rarely do we get one “toasted” by the heat…

If I recall, the Star ribbon is $8 - replaced every 2-3 weeks…thermal is also the way to go when you link it to the mapping program…it will take you FOREVER to print out the directions &/or graphics…its a MicroSoft thang…

I don’t print box labels…haven’t found the need…we are a volume operation 2 boot

Patriot’s is right on all accounts – that’s exactly what I would recommend.

Greasy fingers will usually make printing disappear on the thermal ticket. This is a much bigger worry than heat in my opinion. If you do it right, greasy fingers usually won’t be much of a problem though. Make a practice of always grabbing the ticket in the lower right corner to avoid the printing. You can even make the bottom margin a little larger if you’d like. Reprinting the prep ticket takes only a few seconds even if you mess it up.

The Star TSP100 is a “Windows” printer, meaning that it will print Windows graphics and fonts very quickly. Older printing technology requires that you use resident printer fonts and avoid graphics to maintain fast printing.

We use thermal at counter for receipts & routing and regular paper in kitchen. Slower yes, but noisy I like & doesn’t get messed up. We use 1 at make table and send down when done, and one on grill side. Our kitchen isn’t huge so it works well. Thermal’s speed is great though, you can find cheaper ribbons by shopping online.

I too took the plunge on a high end system (leased) at the Vegas show. Now I wish I hadn’t. I got the credit card processing software, and about every daqy it loses connectivity (although my laptop on the same dsl line NEVER does). Today I have had to completely power off thye whole thing and re-boot about 20 times, so I finally gave up and am processing cards with the old terminal we used when we were hand writing the tickets. Now I am considering refusing to make the lease payments so they will come and repo it so I can get a Point of Success, because I have seen everyone here raving about it so much. BTW, I have an old 3 station RapidFire that I got on ebay, but never used (everything works) if anyone has any interest.

3 station RapidFire that I got on ebay, but never used (everything works) if anyone has any interest.

Is rapid fire good? How much? I need a system also…


You don’t need anything that extravagant. All you need is a decent office computer (one with a 2.4gHz or higher processor, 60 GB hard drive, and at least 530 Mb of RAM), some cheap slave computers (3) that you can get off the internet for $80 each (here’s a couple sites: http://www.usedcomputers-abacus.com/e/s … esktops_PC[/url] [url=http://www.123compute.com]http://www.123compute.com ), a label printer, and a thermal printer. You can use a regular cash drawer and you can use regular cheap monitors. Your overall investment with Point of Success can be less than $1400 if you shop right…

Point of Success…$599
Office computer…$200
4 cheap monitors…$80
3 cheap computers…$240
label printer…$150
thermal printer…$120



P.S. $290 for a 17" monitor is WAYYY too much money so if you haven’t bought it yet… don’t.

I just want to know where you are getting 17" LCD flat touch screens for $80! I know I can get the CRT models without touch for what you’re saying. I want to spend that monitor money on the main monitor where the phone and walk-in orders are taken. We have some sight issues that would suggest need for larger screen . . . plus our outrageously large menu :slight_smile: Other workstations I anticipate being much cheaper to get set up, and possibly mouse driven, even.

My cost estimates are generally darned close to yours. I’m looking at somewhere around $1200 for the initial system. Where are you accounting for the networking hardware for the 4 computers, and the network licensing of Point of Success? Or are you just loading it up over and over with the one license? (don’t answer that publicly, though) My research finds $675 cost for 4 concurrent users of the database.

I am also looking to add on modules along the way for added functionality.

(already paid for the monitor)

I picked up 4 ELO touch screens for $80-150 each…I got the Dell GX270 (P4 2.8 gig/40 HD & 512 RAM) for $100-$165 each (all came w/keyboards & mice)…you can get a lan box for $30 @ Wal-Mart…cabling is not an issue…I’ll use one as a server & got a 3 license deal + the POS Deluxe @ $699…printers were $80-$125 (3)…plus the payroll option…I’ve got caller id on the phones, so I passed on the $500 box…

Even a high volume shop can run a 3 station POS and easily keep up w/any demand…I’m having them import a street data base ($99) as it beats typing in all those streets…MS Maps is $35 or so…

this is or store #2 & we spent a bit more, but I am confident the expense was well worth it…I switched from FoodMan (I still like, but its a bit dated)

No POS is perfect, but this is pretty good for my needs @ present & 4 the future…

I would NEVER use a POS that made you buy hardware from them, or was so complex you couldn’t make simple changes on the fly…

I’ve used some of the expensive ones and a fairly inexpensive one (FoodMan) and I see no reason to spend $10K on a system…


Sorry… I was mistaken. I didn’t realize you were quoting a price for a touch screen. However, with that in mind, why are you spending precious funds on something that’s really not necessary with Point of Success? I figured you’d spend the bulk of your excess funds just trying to get the system set up and then upgraded later.

Now of course Nick, if you’re like me, your simple answer would be, “because it’s cool and I wanted it”, LOL. However, if you WEREN’T aware… yes, you can get by easily without the fancy stuff.


Well, guilty as charged . . . . plus we have a limited space concern at outset, so desire the flat panel (mouse uses a TON of real estate on a tiny counter/desktop). It was a short free fall to the touchscreen from there. Wife would also more likely agree to the touchscreen convenience. We are going dirt cheap pedestrian on everything else, except that one screen for main monitor.

I fully intend to hunt for local and near-local deals to cheap down the system we load this gem of a software onto. Seems almost surreal to do it that way :slight_smile: