Wanted: Used POS parts for Point of Success


I got my system up and running real cheap. I have POS Pizza which is similar to Point of Success. I have 2 order taking stations, make line screen for pizza station, make line screen for fryer station, driver console screen, dymo label printers for pizza and fryer station, cash drawer at front counter, and ithaca receipt printer at front counter.

cash drawer: $99.00 from www.posworld.com
ithaca printer: 50.00 - ebay
dymo label writer (2): 100.00 new
computer monitors(5):5.00-10.00 each - yard sales, salvation army, ebay
computer #1: 99.00 - ebay
computer #2: 35.00 - ebay
computer #3: 10.00 - salvation army
computer #4: 10.00 - yard sale
computer #5: 10.00 - yard sale
ethernet switch: 35.00 - new

I built my whole system for around $500 and it has been up and running for the past 5 years with out a problem. (I probably just jinxed myself!!!)

If you buy from ebay sellers, just make sure they have a good feedback rating. Check with friends as well. I’ve had friends give me their old computers when they bought new ones. Most of the time old computers just need to be reformatted with a fresh windows installation and they are just like new again.

Keep an eye on slickdeals.net. They often will post RAM, proc (with or without motherboard), cases, power supplies, and hard drive prices for good deals.

I got both a case and power supply free after rebate. 4 gigs (4x1) of RAM for $20 each after rebate, etc.


Many many many reputable dealers use this site for listings. I have spent over 20k through this search portal on computer equipment and never been anything but pleased.

This is not an advertisement!

I use to build custom computers for people in the CAM/CAD field.

6 Monitors and 1 computer for CAD/CAM machines are awesome looking.

You also wouldnt have to have a ticket at the make line. You could just put a 150$ flat screen there with a database driven Screen showing say 10 orders and it knocks the last one off as a new one arrives. In the long run I would think that a monitor would save money over the redundant printing.

My uncles shops have been using LCD panels for the make line over the passed few years and love it. I will say that he buys nothing used anymore, and I am sure he paid an arm and a leg for his POS system since it was completely custom built for his stores.

I know the screen over the make line would be a down the road option because of costs and implementation. I will most likely be lucky enough to use my uncles system for the shop I will be opening shortly. (well his supplier and his custom POS system) Which will take alot of the headaches out of the picture for me. He is doing 25-30k a week in sales and has been using this system with no failures during business hours. (2 failures from major power surges at his shop/ not software or direct hardware failures.