Wanting to step it up a NOTCH!!!

OK so I have a double stack of edge 3240

I am in 1200sft (so no room to expand)

I want to make my own ingredients (sausage, Beef, Chicken, and so on)

any suggestions on cooking these things thru a conveyor

just tired of using frozen stuff want to give customers a better PIZZA


Put thawed bulk sausage on a sheet pan and smooth out to about an inch thick and run thru the conveyor 1.5-2 times. Chicken tits we lightly salt and put them in a deep dish pan covered three runs and turn the tits after each run. Beef we smooth it out in a deep dish pan and lightly salt then send it thru for 1.5 runs. We’re doing 485 for 7 mins.

We do all those 3 things exactly as Joe said and customers love the fresh toppings

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Is there a specific reason why fresh sausage cannot be cooked directly on the pizza in a conveyor oven?
I have never used a conveyor, so I am asking to learn the reasons why most use pre-cooked meats.
We do pre-cook our chicken for pizzas, but that is because we cook it in a wood-fired BBQ Pit for the BBQ end of our biz

Philosophical in a way and I’m sure some may put raw sausage on their pies for conveyor use however in my experience, the blowers in the conveyor ovens dry out the sausage and ground beef. Some may disagree with that. I also prefer to use pre-cooked sausage and ground beef so my guys aren’t touching raw meats during high volume. Also, there’s something that happens to sausage (more so than ground beef) when you put it on top of the sauce and below the cheese. Hard to describe really, but I think it has something to do with the oils from the cheese getting into the sausage when it goes thru. Gives it a great flavor.

Mostly every place i have worked at, it was just a health code reason. No desire to be dealing with raw anything these days, or the policies you need in place to prove to the health dept you are doing it correctly.

Personally i prefer raw meats, they taste better, better quality control and did i mention they taste better ? But dealing with the health dept over it… no thanks. I would rather go back to working at a desk for 12 hours a day.

We’re switching from Baker’s Pride Y602 double-stack deck ovens to XLT 3240 double-stack conveyor ovens next Monday and were wondering if any of you would share your time/temperature settings for conveyor ovens. We currently use raw bulk sausage but might consider pre-cooking based on your comments above.

7 mins at 460F, not exactly but close enough to start tuning your ovens up.

Please explain the health code reason, because the way I see it, a pizza is not an RTE (Ready To Eat) item until it is baked and out of the oven. Now, If you have RTE items on the make line (Salads & such) proper hand-washing and foodhandler gloves, or tongs usage use comes into play for your RTE items.
Me personally, I see precooking sausage as undue hassle and premeditated lowering of quality.
I understand some inspectors are royal pains in the ass, trust me, I have the queen of that crap. and to top it off, she doesn’t know the food code, she misinterprets statutes, and uses the phrase “What I’d like to see” very often even if though wholly contradicts the laws as written. We have gone round and round on many things, and I always emerge the victor. The latest and greatest was her citing me for having “improper lighting levels”, yet she did not use a light meter to determine if my lighting was out of spec. it was “Her Opinion” with no basis in fact or scientific means of measurement.
Before that she cited me for not having a praline sauce held above 140 degrees. Anyone know what praline is? It is sugar, butter, & cream taken to 240 degrees for 4 minutes, basically caramel.
She also got on my ass about having “Clarified Butter” at room temperature,

Be tough to find a great bakery that doesn’t have clarified butter at room temp. I use it all day every day.

7 mins 485. You’ll also need to alter your dough recipe when switching, less hydration typically.

I have not seen the same inspector twice in more years then i can remember. They seem to come and go faster then they can replace them.

Basically it came down to raw meats being touched then “somehow” that raw material ending up on the cutting side and being exposed to the cooked side.

We have cooked our meats for a few years now and the customers love it. Pretty much the same as described above. Never any issue with the health inspectors until the last few months. About half of our inspectors were murdered in the San Bernardino terror attacks last December. The health department was 90% closed down for 2 months. They have hired all new people and these people are by the book to say the least. Our inspector last month spent 2 and half hours in our store watching every move we make. She wants log sheets for the cooling time and temp for our cooked meats. 15 minute intervals throughout the cooling process. She also doesn’t want us to mix the Franks Red and butter because it may cause adverse chemical reactions. She looked like she was 15 years old. If she didn’t have the badge and the county car I would have thought is was some scam.

On another note. I just ordered my Edge Ovens that are only going to be cooking these meats. Edge is customizing the finger set up. They are going to be all open top and bottom.

And what statutes is this person quoting?
Sadly this is not “By the Book” it is her making things up as she goes along.
“Can’t mix wing sauce due to possible adverse reaction???” You gotta be freaking kidding me! is it kept at room temp or refrigerated? Whole butter or clarified butter?
Before I conmtinue with my rant, I need to ask if your county requires that whole butter be kept under 40 degrees? If not, I’d be having her citing statutes to back up her wild claims of not being able to mix butter and red-hot.

Cooling time/temp logs? Wait just a damn minute, I’d be going over her head to the state level and filing a formal complaint for this person overstepping her responsibilities.
Time/Temp logs are only typically required in a commercial wholesalers HACCP flowchart.

absolutely ridiculous requests for a restaurant that is not selling wholesale.

I was having the same thoughts as gotrocks nowhere have I heard of keeping a log for cooling things that have been cooked. I just renewed my servsafe certificate a few months ago and there was no mention of keeping a log just an explanation of procedures for cooling process. Don’t mix buffalo sauce with butter perhaps next time you show her the ingredient list on the franks buffalo sauce bottle. In orange County there is a big shortage of health inspectors. In fact our current health inspector has been inspecting the same establishments for the last 20 years from what I have come to find out. Very old school over here she comes with just her binder and writes her findings down on a piece of scratch paper and then mails me the report. She is more concerned with cleanliness and holding Temps than anything else. When I was in LA they were more to the book and rotated every few years but I was never asked for any logs of any sort as we didn’t do slices so there was no need.

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I’ve been getting popped for temp logs for decades. Almost impossible to have them accurate on 28 pieces of refrigeration… Customers see it as demerits which translates to a rat infestation. Gotta love the health department.

This inspector is the area wholesale inspector also so I’m sure there is a some crossover info there. We don’t argue with anything though. We just agree and thank them for the information.

I understand that, I really do.
I have always questioned authority, and if I had not questioned and challenged the authorities in my area, I never would have been able to open. So I guess it is just in my nature to not take someones word for things.