Can anyone tell me what equipment (if any) should be used to hold pick-up orders? We currently put ours in a warmer but it takes up too much room. Do I really need to keep the food in a heated environment if its only going to sit 10 to 15 min at most? I don’t have any place on top of the ovens as I have seen others do, and I need to keep multiple boxes & to go containers located together. And then there are the salads and other cold items in styro that go with the pizza boxes. Please help. Thanks.

do you have a proofer? putting things on top of ovens don’t really keep them warm, infact depending on what kind of oven you use and the hood/ventelation system you use, it could have the opposite effect.

If you have a proofer use that. THey do sell warmers that mount on the wall that you can mount right above your cut table.

I don’t have a proofer and I guess that’s my question. Do I need what & what do I do if I don’t have one.

real easy I got me a couple heat lamps and made me a staging area

I bought a used Alto-shaam double-door warming cabinet for about $600 that we use for holding food that won’t fit on the oven. It doubles as a proofer, fast dough thaw method, and even cooks with high enough temp selected!

It isn’t a required item in our shop, but it has earned it’s keep on more than one weekend running out of thawed/proofed dough . . . and holding large orders for driver to collect together. Also is a spiffy plate warmer on dine-in heavy nights.

Yes, you really do need to keep the food in a heated enviorment. The decrease in the quality of your food sitting 10 to 15 minutes unheated would be substantial. When you have some spare time on your hands, make up something, stick a thermometer in it and watch the temp. over a span of 15 minutes in an unheated enviorment. It’s drastic.

Another idea… and I’m not trying to be a smarta$$:

Take a look at your operations (I know you’re new so it will take some time) and get a feel for your business with the inclusion of oven times during your slow hours as well as your peak hours. Once you’ve got this feel try to quote accurate carryout times over the phone so the pizzas don’t have to sit there for 10 or 15 minutes waiting to be picked up. Why quote a customer 20 minutes if you’ve only got one pizza to make and it’s the second one back on your makeline monitor?


That goes for deliveries too. It drives me nuts when orders sit. We’ll have two drivers on and they both leave with two bags and my managers keep throwing orders in when they know those drivers won’t be back for 15-20 minutes ! I implemented a 7 minute ‘rack time’ maximum and that has seemed to get the message through to them.
Accurate quote times is a great way to ensure an orders freshness.

You could use these
http://www.nminc.com/smallwares/scan/fi … tlist.html

While i agree about quoting accurate times, just because you quote 10 minutes doesn’t mean your customers will show up in less than thirty. And as far as demanding a maximum rack time, are you willing to remake EVERY pizza that sits over that time. I tend to find that my managers feel that out of site is out of mind. They tend to route deliveries so they leave before they turn yellow on my POS at 20 minutes from time of order, not paying attention to whether that particular route will get the pizzas to the customers house the fastest. As long as it doesn’t turn yellow, they feel the’ve done their job.

We keep ours on top of the oven (2 BP Y600s) but if you cant use your oven then try one of these they work great http://www.foodwarmerworld.com/index-ov … rmers.html

The easy route if you have the space would be a set of 4 foot metro shelving and some hatco heat strips to hang on each level.

As long as it doesn’t turn yellow, they feel the’ve done their job.

That’s gotta drive you friggin bananas.

Just a simple fact of what happens when you depend on your POS reports to tell you what happened when you were not there. My employees probably know what the limitations of my POS are better than I do. They produce results that shows they did a fine job according to the POS, even though we all know how that can be manipulated.

I completely understand. I used to play those little games myself. So you’re 100% out of the store now?

Not out of the store yet, and don’t think I’ll ever be 100% as long as I own the place. I intro my main shift manager as the GM next week and will begin working myself out of the store. Fall is our CRAZIEST season so I will still be a pressence through December but will start pursuing other interests. Come January, I hope to be able to move a couple towns away if I can convince my wife. Still hoping to be on a 3-4 year plan to no longer own a pizza business. You never know though as crazy thoughts of expansion have crossed my mind in recent months!