Warming Cabinets

Looking to open our second shop and we need a cabinet that will fit a 20’’ pizza box. We have one already at our currently location, but it was pricey because we went with an insulated model. Does anyone know of any that are non insulated? Model numbera are very much appreciated.

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See what Cambro has to offer, We use their “Cam-Carriers” for hauling to catered events, but not quite sure if they have anything pizza specific.

I’m a fan of Webstaurantstore.com for many smallwares, and they carry cambro products.
Just watch out for Carlisle, they look like cambro, but the performance that I’ve seen is nowhere near Cambro

We equip most of the shops we sell with two Lockwood model CA 72-PFCD.We Modify with smaller slides and use 10 screens for shelves .Price $2000.00 prox. plus shipping.

We have well over a thousand of these scattered nation wide and the users are very happy.

George Mills

Thanks for your replies guys. I found a Metro C4 that will indeed fit a 20’’ box