Warning concerning Harbortouch

I wanted to let my fellow think tankers know about Harbortouch POS systems and United Bank Card credit card processing. UBC is offering pos systems through its sister company Harbortouch and the price is terrific if you want to deal with the following problems:

  1. Having 4 computers crash in a year - yes 4 computers in one year
  2. Waiting on hold with tech support over an hour
  3. Tech support not being able to reset your computers to their original settings, once you actually get to speak to a human
  4. Having credit cards not batch at all and having to re key in $2500 in transactions
  5. Having credit cards double entered by the system - try explaining that to your customer
  6. Having your computers constantly freeze and have to be rebooted, they can not store more than 20 deliveries without totally screwing up
  7. Having to talk to three different people to solve one problem
  8. Having tech support not solve your original problem and at the same time turn off your printers and not reset them
  9. Having a customers card charged for 25K and have Harbortouch and UBC blame you even though the card transaction is no where to be found on the computer system they sold you
  10. Having to double and triple check your credit card transactions to make sure there or no double charges or credit cards that did not get batched at all

I could list a 100 more reasons not to use Harbortouch and UBC. If a UBC rep offers you a sweet deal on a pos system, if its to good to be true there is a reason; the system sucks, tech support sucks, and UBC sucks.

Wow, I googled them and there are similar complaints with responses defending the company and insulting the authors. Perhaps if they spent more time with existing customers, their customer service might improve.

The scenario you outlined is horrific. Have you left them?


I decided to go with a high-end system 5 years ago, and i am so glad i do not have any of these issues. Tech Support is so Important!

I am in the process of breaking my computer lease, another complete pain, but my bank is standing behind me and working with Harbortouch and UBC. I can honestly say in the last 10 years choosing Harbortouch is the worse decision I have ever made.

Sorry to hear about your experiances with UBC.

Have you ever considered Aldelo?

If you are interested in discussing or learning about Aldelo kindly feel free to contact us.


We still use POS PIZZA, it is by far the most cost effective point of sale I have ever seen, and I have called tech support a number of times (mostly just asking setting questions) and I have NEVER been on hold for more than 2 minutes, I have always had the correct answer (problem resolved). One of the best things I have ever done.