Warning!!! pepsi may be trying to screw us!

I am a manager of Pizza Hut, last week Pepsi came in and did preventative maintenance. They checked the lines and brixed my pepsi fountain machine. I am in the habit of brixing my machine once a month as a way to help control beverage cost. The other day I brixed my machine and found that most of my dispensers were dispensing too much syrup. The pepsi tech either purposely set them too high or didn’t know what he was doing. Personally I think it was the first scenario. I have been told by several colleagues that they do this, so if any of you have pepsi fountain drinks, I would go behind them and brix your machines. If you don’t have a brix kit, contact pepsi they are obligated to provide one for you

Pepsi does that on purpose to increase their own sales, I’ve had the same problem in the past after the tech guy comes through.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it humerous that Pepsi would screw over part of a company that they recently spun off and still makes significant money from. Sorry ADpizzaguy for getting a chuckle at the expense of your bonus.

lol … thats the way the world works everyone is always trying to ameka buck at someone elses expense. welcome to reality my friend!! good thing you caught it

They adjust the post-mix flow with a special screwdriver called a “moneymaker”. Next time your guy comes ask him if you can borrow his moneymaker.

Pepsi used to be a very good company & retailer friendly,not any more. They are constantly trying to lower your retail prices. For example, they will offer you a free bag’o syrup once in a while.guess $5 or $10 for them. in return they will make you drop your price drasticaly & advertise the hell out of it. know, you are selling lot more pepsi for them. lot more work & less profit for you.
I will never sell thousand cups for half price for them because they will give me a free lousy bag’o some. But i have seen people always do it, Specialy the independent gas station operaters. seen those big 32oz. for 59cent banners? Thease guys actualy loose money and sell a heck of syrup,cups,lids,straws & Co2 for pepsi.

Sorry guys, I am coming from gas station background and am sick of pepsi’s tactics to lower the retail price and sell their own product. Retailer, can go to hell!!
The big fish eats the smaller one and Pepsi is one of the big sharks! Beware… :lol:

I don’t think that cocke is any better. Another fish. maybe even bigger…

I wanted to sell Pepsi, mostly because I prefer it - but that wasn’t much of a reason, and they didn’t want to play ball (slow phone response and poor initial pricing quotes).

Coke was much more accomodating, but THEN, I looked over the agreements they wanted me to sign:


Coke had a contract that basically banned me from selling anything liquid that wasn’t a Coke product. Literally. Like coffee and juice. They SAID, “Oh, gee…is that in there? We don’t enforce anything like that”. But the contract also said that a violation of the agreement would mean charging me back ANY discounts I’d been given for the PAST FIVE YEARS. It was insane.
And no - I don’t mean it said I couldn’t put stuff in their fridge. It was referring to anything sold at that location. Like I said - insane.

They’ve since come back with better pricing, and a new more reasonable agreement, and I am happily selling Coke bottles and fountain.

Similar garbage with linen services, etc. - READ THE TERMS and DON’T ACCEPT THEM if they are stupid. Five year binding agreements on things like a “lease” on a soda fridge with a $0 payment, or a five year term on towels and aprons is probably not wise (the fridge they just dropped - “Oh, you don’t want to sign? I guess that’s OK.”).


Great tip man! My company signed a contract with Pepsi stating that we could not sell Dr. Pepper. Which was fine when they had Dr. Slice but then they discontinued it, my customers want Dr. Pepper and I have to tell them no. If more people knew about stuff like that then we could better serve our customers.

pepsi here in Oklahoma sells me DP

I sell Pepsi in cans and 2liter bottles. They provided the cooler at no charge which really helped with my startup costs. The sad part about buying from them is I can go to Costco or Safeway or just about any other grocery chain and buy the product for 1/2 what Pepsi is charging me. They require me to buy xx cases from them per week to keep the cooler and now they are telling me that I can no longer sell cans. Their standard is now bottles only in their coolers.

I jsut finished calculating out the difference in paying them and getting the “free” cooler or buying a new (not 2nd hand) cooler and going to Costco to buy Pepsi, Coke or whatever else I want to sell. the cooler will be paid for in 11.35 months just from the savings.

I hear ya man. I sell pepsi fountain, 2 liters and 20 oz bottles and get raped on all three. I can go to the grocerystore and get two liters and 20 oz a lot cheaper, but I have to buy from pepsi… go figure, at least someone is making money.

I sell Pepsi products and have never had any problems. They gave me a free cooler, free menu boards, and a free clock. I just buy my 2-Liters and Bottled water from them. Their 2 -liter are just as cheap as any store (99 cents) but their cans are pretty expensive. I buy my cans from local grocery stores when they are on sale. I’m not required to order every week. I only order every other week and sometimes it’s even 3weeks in between orders. I’ve been with them for over 4 years now and have never had a problem. I even set it up for Pepsi to call me every other week for my order. If I don’t need anything I tell them that I’m all set for the week and they never have a problem with it.

I wouldn’t want to offend you in any way good fella. But i think that you have bit the bait and are getting screwed up by the pepsi(IMHO) Here is why i think so.
You said you buy 2 liters and water from them. My dear friend, have you compared the water prices? Here is me scenerio, Their price on small size water (17-20oz.) is $14 per case. I pay $6 per case for Crystal Gyser which actualy sells better than their brand. I sell them for .99 each in ice chest and in summer they go like bananas in the monkeyland. Pepsi does punish me for not having their water and charge me 1.20 more per case on 2liter but hey,I am happy with my water & customers are happier.

I think i have wasted enough time on this pepsi thing friends.Chaos…

Bananas in Monkeyland! I like that!
I think you’re right about the water.

I think several other posters should probably call Pepsi and tell them that Coke is offering a free cooler with cans allowed, 10% better prices on them too, and they can come get their cooler. For fun.

10% BETTER?? My dear brother, I am talking 100% better!!
  Pepsi brand water $14. 
  Crystal Gyser $6 a Case.
 When you r able to make that kinda money, go buy your own cooler.
  I would. Then again, thats my personal opinion.

I have used Coke for 7 years and have been treated great. I used to have a coke cooler and they never made me buy anything from them When I moved to my new location I started to sell fountain pop they gave me everything free I dont have to buy the cups from them only the BIB and there is no minimum. The only reason I dont have a Coke Cooler is at the time of my move I wanted a bigger one and it was going to be 2 weeks before I could get it where as Snapple had on I could have right aways and they dont care what I put into it as long as the top 2 shelves are snapple products. Coke didnt care what I put in their cooler either as long as their product was at the top and they also didnt care where I bought it from. Guess Im just lucky to have a great sales rep that realizes its better to sell something then nothing!

You’re not offending me. I don’t really sell that much water, so it’s not a big deal to me. I get it for $8.99 a case so if I have to pay a few dollars more every couple of weeks to get the bulk of my soda delivered, it’s worth it to me. I only sell maybe 1 case of water every 2 weeks if I’m lucky. I order from Pepsi for the 2 liters. I now own 2 shops so it’s really hard for me to go to a store and haul home 50-100 cases of 2 liters at a time. I would much rather pay a few cents more for 2 liters through Pepsi and have them delivered. The point of my post was just to point out that Pepsi doesn’t require me to order place an order every single week and to order every single beverage product through them. Someone had posted that Pepsi threatens to take their cooler away if they do not order every single liquid that their store sells through them. That person also stated that they have to order every single week as well. I just wanted to point out that here in NY Pepsi doesn’t operate like that with me. My sales rep actually recommended that I buy my cans from the store to save money. Anyways, where I am Pepsi and Coke are pretty much the same in price, give or take a few cents. One of my best friends is a sales rep for Coke and can’t do much better than what Pepsi does for me.

I have had a very good relationship with Pepsi for a few years now. I am not sure who pays $14 for a case of water (i’m at $8.99) and I can’t imagine how Crystal Geyser would outsell Auqafina. Also, I know what the contracts say but I have never had a problem putting other items in our cooler and the Pepsi rep is in every week. Obviously they want their products in their but they allow a little. I’m sure if you try to take advantage of the situation they would have issues. Also, you folks who like to go buy your own, after you add gas and time I’m quite sure it is more resonable to have it delivered. If your sending your staff members to get it you are one accident away from being in the whole. As for the guy who said if you buy your own cooler you can make it back in a year, that is if it never needs service. Mine has been serviced three times in the last 6 months. If I had to have someone come out on my dime it would cost at least $100-150 a shot and thats for the small stuff. Make the best deal you can. My pricing seems to be better than most here. I am not sure of the reasons. I’m in Buffalo and I use about $2200 a month in product. One other thing. If you took the time you spent going to the store and put that time into marketing and getting new customers you can come out way ahead my way. I always figure a new customer is worth at least $780 to me a year at a minimum of one order per week at $15. If you get one person ALL year you can make up your pop savings. Do not trip over a dollar to pick up a dime.