Warning!!! pepsi may be trying to screw us!

May be they are different by area. Pepsi in my area is well, something else. I do not intend to make an arguement neither i have personal problem with pepsi. I am sure Aquafina was $14 last time they sneaked one in. Nevertheless, Crystal Gyser is much cheaper and sells extremely well for me. I do not remember a customer who asked for Aquafina overCG. I serve 1500 customers a day. Though, I had oneperson ask for Dasani brand which is same(EXPENSIVE) brand. And I am sure it was a guy from Dasani! I personaly believe customer does not care much for brand when it comes to water(thats my experience). I have not carried Aquafina,Dasani or Evian. Have sold trucks of CG. Only Expensive that made some impact and impressed me is Fiji water. people pay 2.19 for 1lt. amazing! btw I get CG delivered from a grocer. I am a gas station.
Thanks for sharing your Ideas.