Was it good for you?

The Superbowl is normally a non -event here, today the phones blew up about an hour and a half before game time and the rush lasted into the first quarter. Now… crickets chirping out there.

Fortunately we did a little extra prep and an extra batch of dough yesterday and I had 2 extra drivers on call. Right now we have 2 hours left in the day and we are more than 45% above a normal Sunday so I guess it was good for me, much better than previous years.


We typically do not see much of an increase for Superbowl but this year was double a normal Sunday.

Campus store double a normal Sunday (Boulder)
Big Residential Store (Longmont) Double a normal Sunday
Small market (Gunbarrel) 10% more than normal
New “project store” (Louisville) 50% increase what we have been doing.

All in all my 4 shops will end with $12,000 for the day and 16% labor.

So ya pretty decent!

Yeah same here we probably done about 25-30% better over last year.

It may sound weird but we did 2.5 times a normal Sunday and I was disappointed. Here in the Buffalo area we usually shoot for 3-4 times a normal Sunday. The weirdest part was it was busier from 4-5pm than it was from 5-6pm.

When I saw the title I thought we’d been spammed by a p0rn site again :stuck_out_tongue:

PMQ made Rick take down the pic he originally posted with the question! :roll:

Did “super” also. About 58% above last year. :smiley:

We had a good day. We were 63% above our store average for the past five Sundays. This was also better than last year when we were up 49% over the average Sunday from last year.

But on an even better note, our average Sunday is up which is what really counts!

Our sales were up about 50% of a normal Sunday. What was funny is that it was dead until after halftime.

Strange day for us. It was a booming lunch and we hit our numbers by 5:00 and then it was crickets. Closed two hours early, staff was happy, I was happy and only missed a couple calls.

We didn’t do any type of specials or promotions though.

thursday, friday and saturday were great we ran at 150 percent
Sunday was double our normal sales.
That being said I marketed the Heck out of some hotels here!
Since all the Marketing for these were done at our local hotels which we "official Superbowl licesenced and endorsed, we were able to market in the rooms and use the logo.