Washable Keyboards

…and computer mice.

I would love to be able to just throw my computer peripherals in the 3-compartment sink to wash, rinse and sanitize them (without destroying them).


Has anyone used these products (or similar from another company) before and how do they hold up over time?

not sure of that company, but you can buy roll-up, flexible keyboard for less than $35 - should clean much easier

http://www.eforcity.com/dothxxxxkb03.ht … thxxxxkb03

That ugly blue one you linked had no shipping cost associated with it, so I just paid $10.99 to have one sent to me.

I’ll let you guys know how it works out once I get it.

Thanks, Patriot.

That’s cheap. Good deal if it holds up. You can also buy washable skins for your existing keyboards and mice for $10 and up. We get ours from Dell, but there are lots of suppliers online.

I saw new keyboards at Walmart for less than 5.00 a while back…Maybe they are disposable…lol…

I have been using the roll up keyboards for a couple years now. I picked them up at a surplus store for $5 each. I have replaced one so far because of faulty keys.

We use the belkin washable mice haven’t had any problems with them
tried the flexible keyboard and threw it away within a week.
maybe i just got a bad one.


Word I have from a technical support professional is that their usefulness depends on what you want to use it for. They are weak in word processing application or where you expect the sensitivity of a standard keyboard. These lack the responsiveness of traditional boards and will be disappointing.

In an application as a keyboard for a kitchen monitor with limited actual text typing, this should be a good fit for me. As a POS keyboard or limited use, it could be a satifying tool. But, to date, they are less sensitive and respond more sluggishly than traditional boards, and are not a replacement for typing functionality. the excel in risky environment that pose spill/contamination hazards.


Nick, I’ve never considered a keyboard to be a “satisfying tool”.

Maybe I need to expand my horizons?

This just in: you get what you pay for… I’m about to have a cashier revolt over the “suckage” of the new keyboard. You really have to press the keys firmly or they sometimes don’t register. Also, the lack of a number pad is a real annoyance.

Time to order a more standard (washable) one.

I just bought some from a company called wet keys. They are at www.wetkeys.com

I have one with an external mouse and the mouse and keyboard are wireless. I also bought one with the mouse pad and buttons like on a lap top are part of the keyboard. They are a bit pricey, but being wireless and washable, they really take away the wire clutter. I also have a Revention POS that is all in one, so it is very easy to keep everything clean and neat.

The stuff I bought is only a month old and works great so far. The wireless stick that goes into the USB is the size of a thumb drive which is very nice as well.

Hope this helps.


I missed this post… Tony you are on the right track with the wetkeys products. We have used their items for a very long time in our production areas filled with steam kettles and constant washdowns. They hold up very well and they are extremely reasonably priced. They do have quite a few options and it looks as if their prices have gotten even better than the last time I remember. This would be a great addition to any work area that has constant exposure to dust, liquid spill, and sticky hands.