Waste and Recycling Solutions

We’re developing an article for May on waste and recycling solutions for pizzerias and I’d love any operator stories and advice available. Have you had any trouble starting up a program in your store? What interesting products are you using to reduce your carbon footprint?
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We worked with our neighbor businesses to get a multi channel recycling dumpster for our center. We now recycle about 90% of our trash since it is nearly all cardboard and cans. The crew is proud of the fact that we do this. Our neighbor businesses were also happy to participate.

Ah, well I do not have a pizzeria but plan to focus on this a bit. People here really want to be “green” and appreciate stores that are also. For purely Waste related issues (not taking into consideration reducing resource usage like water, electricity, etc.):

We will be composting pre-consumer non fat based food waste (vegetable scraps). Basically throw it in a 5gallon container and take it home and use it for our garden where we will grow fresh vegetables and herbs.

For napkins, the newer “TORK” napkin dispensers i think work great because they are at 1-at-a-time dispenser, reducing the old problem where people take a handful of napkins, use 3 and throw the rest out.

The new high powered hands dryers do work. You do not see them very often but you’ve used them and were surprised “Oh that actually works!” Not only does it eliminate waste but eliminates storage of paper towels and labor of replacing it. I don’t think patrons like it as much (at least I do not ) as paper towels, but I think the advantage outweighs the disadvantage. So long as everything else is clean I don’t think it’s anything to fuss over.

Recycling - interestingly required by LAW here for residences but not for restaurants, and nobody does it because it is extra work. We will recycle - just put out a blue bin, people here want to use them. The place I am looking does not have a recycling service this so I am not sure how that will go.

They do make recyclable fountain drink cups (plastic or food based) but they are expensive.

You can get some great ideas by visiting the Green Restaurant Association http://www.dinegreen.com/

Is this about waste reduction or also conserving energy and water. I have some other ideas there as well. Thanks…