wat do u think?

Making a new promo…
Tuesdays only buy 1 lg. pie 2nd one free…

Wat do u think? reg. price 11.50

Hello up,hey if it works then it is good.We do a ‘tic toc Tuesdays’which after 4;00 they get a lrg.18’’ pie at the price of what time they call up until 10;00.If they call @ 5;17 then they will pay 5 dollars and 17 cents.
Good Luck

                                Niccademo  [keep yer dough off da cieling]

What’s your Monday special? Obviously you’re trying to boost your early week sales. I’m just curious why Tues instead of Mon or if you already have something on Mon.

BOGO often draws them in.

I personally would make a project to “ramp up” the specials. Start with a simpler, lower cost (to me) offer and track its success. Then, increase the offer to another level; track response. then go BOGO and track response. You could go the other way, but folks may get wise to the ‘decreasing’ value of the offers.

You may actually find that BOGO is not your biggest draw, if you track and watch. Heck, j_r0kk might suggest having 2 or 3 at a time and track them all to see which is most successful.

I would also use this as a time to push lower performing menu items. Things not everyone knows about, or that not enough people order, like desserts of side items. Bundle them into a Tuesday Meal Deal along with whatever you feature. You can jump start some new crvings and loyal followings to food items.

we currently do something like that but with mediums. What I have found is that we only get the people that come out and buy when there are deals like this. They don’t come back during the week or any other time but tuesday, granted we get a few people that come in often during the week… but mostly it’s people looking to get something for free.

for some reason monays r better than tuesday & wednesday so i figured to boost that day but I dont know if thgats a little to much of a discount

these kinds of promotions are generally, in my limited opinion, useful for two things

  1. generating new customers and
  2. increasing the top line by generating sales on underperforming shifts. Any increase in sales (New Sales) that offsets the costs of being open is a good thing.

If no new customers are harvested, existing customers don’t use this as additional purchse for the week/month or you end up robbing the current sales and get no bump in gross receipts . . . . then you have a conuter-productive albatross going on. These are all easy enough to track, though.


I know this won’t work for you but it might for other folks so I’m going to post it:

On Monday nights we totally got away from the pizza marketing and advertised $1.00 Longnecks (this is only the domestic beer as others like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Blue Moon, Boulevard Wheat, and Heineken are still regular price). It won’t hit you overnight because it needs time to build. Presently we’re in out 12th week of this promotion and sold over 60 bottles this Monday (before the promo, we’d be lucky to sell 60 a week). Monday nights are now one of the busiest nights of the week at my Junction City store. I guess the beer makes 'em hungry.

Another suggestion one of my drivers brought up was to advertise cheap wing specials… and not for an order of wings, but the price of each. He suggested 25 cent wing night (which I can’t do because it’s way too expensive for me to try). But, if you want something to really draw in a crowd, you might want to think outside the box a little with other items on your menu as your focus point. Hope this helps.


Like the beer thing . . . when we get our license.

Wings CAN be done, but you gotta bring in a smaller wing to drop your price per piece. I’m paying about 20 cents per piece right now, so I’d go broke on that promo. If I got some 11-14 sized wings, my ptice per piece would drop to around 12 cents each, and that is a doable special with dressing being an add-on. You can get some promo materials from your hotsauce guys and make it a regular party.

We’ve done the BOGO before and it works. Plan on getting slammed.

Just my thoughts though why not do a 5.00 Large one topping instead. The reason I say that is BOGO comes with complications and questions. Can they get specialty pizzas, can they get a small, do you manually price and possibly get pricing errors. When you get slammed all these little details become a real pain.

A 5.00 large one topping is simple, no quesions no errors.
And you will get slammed.

We’ve been doing BOGO on Tuesday nights for 2 years now. It definitely works… we get slammed every single Tuesday. There’s usually an hour wait and everybody still orders.

I’m not sure if it’s cannibalizing other sales. I think most of the people that come in for the Tuesday special wouldn’t order at full price anyway. The plus is that a lot of them order EVERY Tuesday, week in and week out. We have several who have rarely missed a week in two years.

It’s a handy little tool for price discrimination. We get what we can out of different demographics.

That said, I actually want to end it and try more traditional specials. I’m just bored with it. I think it certainly helped us bring our customer base up over two years though.

Any reason you’re just limiting it to Buy Large, Get a Large? We do any two pizzas… the least expensive one will be free. We get a lot of couples that do two smalls and that’s a great deal for two people. You’d also be surprised how many people buy a Large or Extra Large and then get their free one smaller. I have no idea why, but it saves me money.