wat would u do?

Well the guy thats opening across from me my new competition decides every week , or 2 weeks to come in here to buy something. Would u allow him still to come in or wat? He buys only like a slice or a side which the most he spend is 3-4$ on a visit I want to kick him out my wife says dont let him get under my skin… :?

I agree with her, take his money.

We have a guy who owns a sub shop in town and he comes in once a week to eat, he brings a couple people with him. While he is there I usually go out into the full dining room and say “How is subw** doing?” “Our sales have been great the last week” What is even funnier is his dad orders a sub each time.

If you think he is trying to spy your menu…who cares. It’s YOUR menu and if he is that pathetic encourage it!

Me? I would sell him the food he orders, and consider it contributions to my bottom line. I see my product as defending itself, and encourage anyone to try replicate or overcome it.

I operate my business on my terms, and won’t let anyone out there dictate, regardless if they are potential competitors.

he already coppied my menu to the tee…

He must really like what you are doing. take it as a compliment and take his money. Don’t let him get under your skin.
I have had the compitition come and offer to buy my place at 25 cents on the dollar to what the equipment is worth. I laughed and offered him the same for his place.

The manager of a local dominos comes in for our subs; asst mgr of the PH loves our philly steak pizza and we got a call the other night from an independent the closes a little before we do wanting to know if we would stay open because they were hungry and wanted take out when they were done cleaning.

We also frequent some of the local competition ourselves. It makes for a nicer business environment and if it happens that you run out of something it’s nice to be friends with the competition that you can borrow or buy!

when i first opened my shop, it was directly across the street from another shop. i didn’t do it to piss anyone off, it’s just what was available. i went over to the other shop, met the owner and assured him i was not trying to put him out of biz…as if i could anyway…and there was plenty customers to go around.

we became good friends and help each other out frequently. if one of us needs something at least we have someone who understands to call.

it is like this message board in a way, we are all in the biz and it is good for all of us to help each other out so we can all succeed. perhaps work with this guy who opened across the street to see how you both can bring more business to your area.

Hey, up23,

If you can develop this into a useful alliance, if could be a sweet deal for you. There is no one in our town to work together with to drive customers from outside comfortable delivery range into our town. Having another business to generate higher order customer traffic could be a potential payoff.

I do remember that he has been just about as antagonistic as he can be. Didn’t he even tell you he expected to put you out of business when he opened? I know you don’t want to play the cuckoo and build his business for him to have him torpedo yours, but imagine the huge lump in his throat when you extend a hand and welcome him to the maretplace and assure that you’ll fight fair.

give him a slice with ex lax! lol

guy sounds like a weirdo, I’d treat’em like poison ivy. I’d keep taking his $$$ though.

we have a quick mart across the street we get along good i send him all the burger and frie orders he sends me the pizza orders i trust him as far as i can throw him but he eats at our place and i eat at there place. nother place down the street been a pain in my as# bought a pizza oven and everything ran mouth how he was going to put me out has not worked yet there product is hideous.but they wouldnt stop with the cheapo deals on pizza on there sign out front kept same sign up with large pizza for 6.99 for two months started gettin on my nerves :twisted: so i fixed them right up name of there store is the ( blue moon ) so the day of the 4th july parade on my sign where all the parade people could see including them they had a little float i put (GOOD FOOD EVERYDAY NOT ONCE IN A BLUE MOON) well that night anything that had the word pizza on it was down and gone :smiley: i took mine down two days later it was a huge hit around town

In all the family’s business we have pictures of our satisfied customers on the wall (sometimes in not so obvious places, others it is the decor.)

I would add a 7pt type at the bottom of the menu stating you use pictures of your restaurant and people in it for advertisement. The day you print it. Take a picture of your customers eating (mainly him!) and put it up with the satisfied customers pictures.


This guy is paying you the highest compliment by trying to copy your menu to the tee! You should feel flattered but instead you are feeling angry and want to kick his as#. :wink: Go and check his as# out so you can see for yourself how you are treated and you might be surprised by what you discover.
Otherwise, if you know for sure that your place is superior, don’t give him another thought. Try to think of a creative way to seperate your menu from his. Good luck.

LOL! I love your suggestion, Bobes. What a great way to promote your restaurant and keep your competition from dropping in.