Watch RBS

Go figure, I usually am one who recommends RBS for credit card processing…go figure.

Got a letter in the mail and just by pure chance I opened this JUNK MAIL and found out I was “automatically enrolled” into a new program they have for a mere 9.99 a month per location. Wow how nice of them. If I don’t cancel the charges will start next month.


They must have lost their minds. So all you lynk credit card merchants…BEWARE.

I am completely disappointed. A company whom I have been with for years would “automatically” enroll me in this program.

Give me a break.

When I called to cancel and explain in the future they are not authorized to enroll me in anything the gal was rude and unhelpful. She gave me a case number to refer to. What?


I’m a Rbs Lynk user and have nothing but good things to say thus far. BUT if I were to see any automatic enrollments like this, I would immediatly find a new processor then tell them what they can do with their 9.99 a month program. Sorry to hear they did this to you, hopefully we’ll have Scott(rbslynkman) join the thread and let us know what happened.

We are with RBS as well. Will keep an eye on my mail. thanks for the heads up.

I’m about to switch over to RBS very shortly. I’m just sick and tired of crappy fees and surchages and what not. I wish there was a company out there that can keep their fees and rates permanent. All us pizza owners want is a company that can give great service without killing us with fees. Nickel and diming us is not the answer.

Hint: If there is a processing company out there that can guarantee their rates to stay the same, they would have the marketshare.

Got the same letter, goodbye RBS! Not to mention they have staedily increased their rates on me. Signing up for a new( to me ) company. I will see on my new statement if there is as much a difference as promised.

You all might want to check with your local, or state, restaurant association to see if they have a group rate with a processor. Ours does and you can bet that they will honor their promises otherwise they will loose the whole association! Good luck!

Man, I must have been in a hurry earlier. I meant to say they have “steadily” increased their rate.

Try Heartland Payment Systems. … tcards.asp

got that letter too so my cost + $.08 is going to +$.17

got them to match Heartland at cost +$.13

anybody get better?

My deal at Heartland is cost plus .05

I find it a bit odd and disappointing that RBSLinkman has never posted in this thread - when typically he posts quickly in every thread pertaining to credit card processors.

Would be nice to hear what someone from the “company” has to say about this. We are using RBS also.

what do you mean cost plus .05
I have to tell you i GET SO CONUFUSED.
everyone tells me the same thing.
oh I can save you 1000.00 a year, harldly ever happens I feel when I switched to rbs I would save money, I just cont see it. and theres no uniform way of reading a statement. I really feel the companys make it so confusing that you just give up. and its not me, their customer service cant explain most things either.

Exactly! They make the statement confusing on PURPOSE. Most people wont even try to decypher it.

I am here.
All I can say is I have been with RBSLynk for 8 years as an Account Executive and Manager and, from time to time, the powers that be at Corporate makes some decisions that I don’t agree with. This is one of those decisions. We are usually afforded the opportunity to speak OUR mind AFTER the decision has been made.

Having said that, if anyone has issues or concerns or questions I will be happy to answer them and/or forward them to a Vice President at RBS. Simply send me an email and I will do my best to reply.

Everyone has a choice in who they use for their Credit Card Processing and I thank those who have chosen to do business with me and RBS, even if you have not decided to do business with RBS I am here to answer any questions you may have about my industry.

Thank you,

Check another thread in The Think Tank:

The program that you were enrolled in is a protection from the very same question posed here.

RBS lynkman,

I have appreciated all your input over the years here. And while I undertstand WHY they have the program. My beef is that I NEVER authorized, signed up nor was I even informed of the program they are offering.

My point was they AUTOMATICALLY enrolled me in something. It was by pure chance I even opened the junk mail they sent.

As you may remember I have never had an issue with RBS and have been satisfied with service and my rate (as long as I call every six months) my disgust is they have abused their right to charge my bank account for a service I never approved. I gave them access to my bank account to deposit credit card transactions minus our agreed fee.

I consider it mis use of my bank information (stealing) to just take 9.99 out of two bank accounts because they felt like enrolling my in a service I never authorized. Just makes ya second guess the “trust” of having them as my provider and having “authority” to debit my account. If it was anyone else I think this would be stealing.

I know you are not to blame and maybe you can pass this on to someone at your company who cares, I found no one really cared that I was upset for the charges.


I understand completely!

That was the decision that I did not agree with. The program is a Good Program BUT we should have given people the opportunity to accept or decline it.

The way the program was contrived we only gave you the opportunity to decline it. On the other hand we usually put notices on the statements and we know that most Merchants don’t even open their statements (just give it to the accountant) which is why we sent you the “Junk Mail” in hopes that Merchants would actually open the correspondence.

I will convey your sentiments to the powers that be.

Thanks for the heads up Kris. i will not move my business over to RBS. Although it looked like they were going to save me money initially, the raising the rate every 6 months & the newly discovered 9.99 fee, Trust has been compromised. You make a very good point.

Scott, pass this on to upper management that you lost an account because of it.

PS. if there is a company out there that wants my business, please send me a private message. I do roughly $100,000 in credit card sales per year.