Water Crisis

We are having serious issues in S.E. Mich and the Toledo area with our drinking water.We our currently using jugs of water from the grocery to make dough, sauce and do dishes etc…every sit down restaurant is closed because of health dept. We our restricted to carryout and delivery only. What a Nightmare on every level. Hope you guys never have to deal with this.

HI PizzaNoob

All I can offer is a prayer that you problem is swiftly resolved.

George Mills

It looks like the mayor now says the water is safe to drink in Toledo!

Sounds terrible in so many ways. From the business side, I hope that you can recover now that the ban has been lifted.

We were finally able to go back to normal operations today. What a relief! Very surreal to go through this. It really makes you appreciate what we have and how lucky we really all are. Thanks for the good wishes to everyone and good luck to you all.

Glad to hear it got resolved, @mipizzaguy.