Water % effect on crust browning

Does anyone know the effect of lowering or raising the % of water in your dough will have on the end crust color? Will more water result in a browner or lighter crust?


I’m not sure if changing the H2O % will effect browning as much as the sugar content will…less H2O results in a more dense finished product I believe, while more results in an airier finished product

More water also means crispier crust.

More water also means crispier crust.

Or, rather, it allows you to cook at a lower temperature until you achieve a crispier crust. I, for one, think low-hydration dough makes the best crispy crust pizzas…


Just passing on what I think I heard the Dough Doctor Lehmann state. Higher hydration means more heat stays in the dough rather than being transferred to the sauce and up out of the pizza.