water in fresh mushrooms

what does everyone do about all the water that comes out of fresh mushroom?
tried them last night and they put a lot of water on top I ues a deck oven
thanks everyone

Wow, I never get water out of fresh mushrooms. In fact that is why I use them and not canned or blanched.

AS long as no other watery vegetables are on board, I find that the moisture mostly evaporates in the oven. We do use a thick sauce so that may also help ameliorate the issue . . . water absorbed by sauce to balance out the whole deal. The only answer I have found fro a pizza with mushroom, onion, tomato, olives, bell pepper and spinach . . . is to par-cook the veggies before topping the pie. I haven’t gone that route for production yet. Though I may get there. Get a prep staff to load up a home type food dehydrator and dry the veggies out a little.

When I use fresh mushrooms at home, I chop them up and store them in an airtight plastic bin with paper towels at the bottom to collect any moisture that the mushrooms may give.

Yea i buy fresh sliced mushrooms.

They are full of water, i dont even understand.

So much water cooks out its not even funny.

I dont know how to fix this

You aren’t washing the mushrooms in water are you? They will soak up the water. Brush them off with a pastry brush before slicing and keep dry.

I wonder if air flow makes a difference between deck ovens and conveyors?

We get pre-sliced 3/16" fresh sliced mushrooms and have never had a problem running them through the air impinger.

Impingement ovens make a huge difference. Veggie pizzas do much better in them. I have had some real soggy deck oven pizzas that had veggies like spinach, etc.

no john I have not
Im getting xlts soon so maybe that will help